Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Phone Calls 'n' Weather

Yesterday was spent almost entirely on the phone. Friends we rarely get to chat with all picked yesterday to call. An old hiking buddy of my husband's kept him busy for well over an hour, as an Ontario buddy of mine did for me as well....nearly 90 minutes! Friends called from Edmonton, Calgary and the Maritimes.

It was a lot of fun, but the end result is that all our tax forms are still awaiting our attention and our plans for today scuttled completely for the sake of satisfying our annual date with Revenue Canada.

I thought I could still race out today at 8am for the few groceries I had planned to get yesterday, but a layer of freezing rain from overnight is still coating the ground and the car. Thankfully the temperature is on the verge of being above zero, so maybe later, post taxes, I can slip in that small chore. Warmer temps this week apparently on the way.

So, off to get showered and begin the dreaded annual tax task...and no, we will NOT be answering the phone today! hahahaha We are both SO easily distracted from doing things we don't enjoy...sigh....

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