Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Prairie Spring is a Facinating Time

The old Alberta adage that "if you don't like the weather, just wait a half hour." is certainly equally true here in Regina today!!

This morning I caught the bus to Cornwall Centre and it was freezing bloody cold with a howling wind.  I got my hair cut, had lunch and did a light shopping trip, then came home in much warmer temperatures, wind still howling but I didn't need gloves on or my coat hood up.

A half hour after I arrived home a cloud burst sent rain teeming down for about ten minutes.  Then the sun came out. Less than an hour later a huge black cloud arrived from the east and dropped a centimetre deep cover of teensy hail stones all over the ground.  The assault from the cloud lasted less than five minutes, then the sun came out, the wind speed dropped at least somewhat and the rest of the late afternoon has been quite lovely.  I find it all very fascinating!

So glad to get my hair done again.  It will be just the right length when we head out to Calgary for my husband's study leave a week and a half from now.

I did break down and take my cane with me today. As I contemplated the distance I would have to cover before I got home again, I decided better to be safe than sorry.  My husband is having too busy a day to be able to leap into the car and come rescue me if my leg gave out and left me unable to get home.  HOWEVER, I am proud as anything to be able to honestly say I didn't really use the thing.  I waved it around in my hand, but it rarely touched the ground and I certainly didn't put any weight on it.  It was a royal nuisance, but the mental relaxation it gave me simply by being with me made me glad I brought it along.  Next time I will be more mentally prepared to "go it alone" on the bus and around a shopping centre.

The mall is losing tenants again.  Losing the Smitty's was quite a blow to the regular patrons apparently but the food kiosk area is certainly humming these days.  Danier Leathers is of course closed due to the company bankruptcy, but La Vie en Rose is gone and that is very surprising.  I loved their lingerie.  I thought Body Shoppe had also closed out but it turns out it is undergoing a major renovation and will reopen eventually.  The presence of very busy tradesmen on site gave me hope that will actually happen!!  There is another newly closed out space but for the life of me I can't remember what was in there....guess it closed out due to folk like myself??? haha

I was able to get in on a good sale at Cleo's for some fun summer replacement clothes as I had to get rid of a few more "oldies" the other day when I unpacked the spring clothing tubs.  All I spent was the amount of my quarterly GST/PST rebate so my husband is not out any of his earnings.  He all ready told me he wants to buy me a new pair of WindRiver walking shoes if I can find the style I find so comfortable still on the shelves.  I will go and look for them in the morning after I drop the old clothes off at the thrift store. They are in great shape but they just don't fit.

Tomorrow afternoon a fabulous friend is coming from Moose Jaw to have a long, chatty visit!  I can't wait!!!!  The two of us together can "talk the hind leg off a goat"; an expression I loathe, but it seems so very appropriate in this case, teehee.

Hard to believe it is all ready time to get some dinner prepared.  I want to make something really good tonight. I have some of the teeny multicoloured potatoes my husband enjoys so much and I think I will also make a decent salad and cook a spaghetti squash to go with those and some beef.  I thawed out some spaghetti sauce today for my husband's next 2 days of work lunches and the spaghetti squash is better for his diet with that sauce than actual pasta is.  I will add some minced turkey to the veggie sauce for some protein and I think he will be quite happy.  His backpack is still loaded up from yesterday's fledgling attempt at going up and down the stairs carrying it, trying to get in shape for the May long weekend trip, so I will be cheerleading like crazy after dinner to encourage him to do it again today....and every day between now and then.

The dark clouds are moving in once again, right across the sky, rays of brilliant sunshine scattering out around the edges.  The temperature is still being effected by the chilly wind, but it is nice to see that sun, even just peering out from among the clouds. Slowly the sun is developing its spring warmth.  I just hope that if Sunday's cooling off goes on as forecast that it doesn't signal a spring snowstorm to ruin our trip to visit in Eston.

And now....ten minutes after I posted the above, we have nickel sized hail coming down as well as experiencing our first brief lightning and thunder storm of the year!! hahaha  This is crazy!!

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