Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Big Change Is Finally Happening For My Hip!

I was aware of a different feeling in my thigh muscles as soon as I got out of bed this morning, after a longer, more comfortable sleep than usual.  That constant ache had eased up considerably.  I knew today that at last the change in pain levels and muscle strength I have been waiting for was beginning! YAY!

I felt very confident about leaving my cane at home when I ventured out on the bus this morning to do my downtown chores and shopping. I used the back exit door of the bus today, bridging the longer distance between step and sidewalk very well, instead of making use of the lower front door step. Walking at a good pace was finally possible with only the slightest limp by the time I arrived home after lunch.  I spent the better part of 2 hours walking, standing and making sure I was distributing my weight evenly on both legs the entire time.  

THE change that you wait for when doing prolonged physiotherapy finally has begun.  The pain on the underside of my butt where the pin head sticks out has also been far less all day today.  Amazing!!

O God please bless my physiotherapist friend who continues to help me so much and keep me mobile and able to continue working on ridding my body of muscle pain and aching.

This is a long awaited day indeed!

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chris e. said...

Such good news! You well know what I went through with a torn rotator cuff. So terribly long with no improvement at all, then I began to notice I could do things I couldn't previously--and with no pain! What a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Like God just arranged a special Christmas morning with presents under the tree, just for you.