Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Provincial Election is Over...and Other Reasons to be Happy

What a blessed relief to have survived the campaigning by the candidates clamouring for votes in this past Monday's election.

I lost track, particularly during the final week prior to voting day, of the number of "at the door, in my face" visits from candidates and their campaign managers and some of their volunteers, the number of requests to place party signs in my windows, the paper advertising packs left at both front and back doors and, most annoying of all, the daily, multiple, recorded and live phone messages from not only the local campaign headquarters, but from the provincial party leaders' offices as well. One day we received the same recorded message from the NDP THREE times! The Saskatchewan party even called after the Election Day polls had closed! Talk about overkill!

The whole process was particularly frustrating once the five days of advance polls began. My husband and I had to participate at an advance poll, but of course that did not stop the campaigning at our home and on our phone line because how would the candidates know we had all ready cast our votes, right?

I liked the Green Party candidate best. Their leader, Victor Lau was our riding's candidate. He came once to the door, gave me one paper pack to read, answered my questions, accepted readily my refusal to post a sign and not once did I receive an automated phone call from his party. Thank you Mr. Lau! I prefer succinct, short and sweet, to the point campaigning. You won me over. I voted for you. Yes, I admit it. The other parties also had pros and cons as to how their policies would effect this province and my life, but the NDP can't seem ever to implement even their best ideas in any sort of sustainable manner; despite all the good things our newly re-elected Saskatchewan Party have achieved, their Ralph Klein-like attitude toward health care terrifies me because I went through the Klein disaster once all ready in Alberta; I have no use for the spendthrift Liberals and I couldn't have voted for the Conservatives even if I wanted to, which I didn't, because they had no candidate in our riding.

So goes another provincial election. With the downturn in our economy I will be interested to see how our provincial government responds to less than boom time conditions. My vote may seem to have been wasted on a party whose vote totals in our city were in the hundreds rather than the thousands, but every party has to start somewhere and keep trying. In good conscience I had no one else to vote for and I believe we MUST exercise our right to vote or we stand in line for whatever dictator will be eagerly waiting to take over in the face of our apathy.

So that is the end of my blithering on that subject until the next election, I promise!

I am headed for the bus to go downtown for a hair appointment and other errands. Cheap lunch at Zam Zam Wraps will precede an hour of window shopping. The forecast rain adds an element of adventure, along with not taking my cane! I have to get past the mental security of the cane so, since there are lots of places to sit and rest at Cornwall Centre, what better place to have my first "marathon"!??!


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