Friday, April 15, 2016

The Waiting Game

I am sitting on the sofa awaiting lunch guests. It is that antsy limbo time between having as much prepared as possible before they arrive and racing about tossing together the final presentation once they are here and we sit down to eat.

Sometime in the next half hour my cousin and his wife will be here to grace us with their illustrious missionary presence. Although they have been retired from the Japan field for several years, they have made several trips back and forth since retiring to the family home in rural Saskatchewan.

This is the cousin responsible for us tossing our miserable lives down the toilet fifteen years ago to move to Tokyo and begin our lives anew. Are we still as grateful to him now as we were then? You bet we are!

Life has had its ups and downs since returning to Canada for all of us, but the general trajectory has been onward and upward. We owe my cousin a lot more than the measly Mediterranean chicken salad and butter buns they will eat with us today!

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