Monday, April 4, 2016

To Answer: Yes There Are Other Symptoms

Yes, thanks for asking some of you, I do also experience one of the more commonly discussed OCD symptoms of detailed repetitive tasking.

Where it showed up with me in my younger years was in my prayer life, particularly at bedtime, my most low energy, exhausted time of day. I couldn't crawl into bed and ask God to protect me and my family overnight as we slept. I had to pray he would protect our house...the roof, walls and windows in each and every room, every entrance and exit, the front porch, the front steps, the back porch, the back steps, the front street walkways, the back street walkways, the alleyway, the front street, the garage, each of the garage doors, the garage windows, walls and infinitum....every night of the year for several years! Talk about ridiculous. It was like chanting a mantra every night. Woe betide me if I forgot to mention one if the windows or doors because I would wake up in the earlier morning hours, remember I had not prayed for protection over that space and add it in at that time or else I couldn't go back to sleep.

I am so grateful to God for fantastic Christian based counselling that set me free almost entirely from those symptoms over a period of several months, with only the rare occasion to be tempted to return to such a problematic approach to my prayer life. I am grateful for God's help, comfort and patience while I worked through diagnosis and treatments.

Yesterday's freak out has not been my usual MO for many years now. I have far more ability to rest in God's peace than I had in those days. I am so grateful for help received. I am so grateful for how many years it has been since living in OCD's most vicious of grips every day. Yesterday's problems are a good warning to get a better handle on my stress levels and get back to a more relaxed mentality.

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