Friday, April 1, 2016

Tonight We Parteeeeee!

Tonight is party time for the office staff.  This is a fun group of people who are ready to celebrate now that Lent and the stress of extra church services over Easter are completed.  We all love the Lent and Easter seasons and the deep meaning behind everything we do at those times, but to say they aren't also stressful for clergy and associates would be a lie.

My husband's birthday is the first of many birthdays being celebrated by members of the staff over the next few weeks, so our Canon for Education decided to cook up the best of her Caribbean curried meats and throw a bash this evening for everyone.  Can't wait!!!

Saturday I will be on my own for a very long day at home while my husband attends a meeting out of town.  A change in his Saturday meetings has left him able to go and straighten out some problems in communication with this group, so although it will be a very long day, including an 8 hour round trip drive, he is very happy to be able to be at the meeting and save himself  a lot more work straightening things out by long distance later on.  I find it so interesting how groups of people will meet together to make motions and take votes on issues of importance, pass a motion or two in the process, each take home copies of the minutes of the meeting and then, between that meeting and the next, forget what they themselves decided to do and start the discussion all over again, including the original arguments for and against.  Is it a prairie mentality thing or does this happen everywhere?  I ask only because I never saw much of this sort of thing until we moved to Saskatchewan.  Maybe the every day stresses people are dealing with are scattering their thought processes to the wind.  I know stress certainly makes ME distracted.  I wish my husband well in dealing with this group.

Sunday I am going to my own church with a friend while my husband has duties for another congregation.  After church a group of us will be staying to practise a special hymn for the baptism happening at next week's service.  Going on my own, even when my husband isn't there, seems to help our congregation relax and know that even though their priest is only 2/5 time, their congregation IS our home church.  It seems to mean a great deal to them and it certainly means a lot to us the way we have been accepted and included in their lives.

In the afternoon we are going to a house concert.  We are looking forward to some excellent music and meeting more new people.  Our hosts are my husband's United Church cousin and his husband and it will be a rather eclectic group gathered together. Should be a lot of  fun.

For now, I need to get some work done around here....some kind of work...everything needs to be done right now including the making of tonight's carrot casserole for the pot luck portion of the meal.  I have been taking the sage advice of my Island friend, advice she has given me numerous times over the years and that I have steadfastly refused to listen to until this past week: relax with a book during the day on occasion, not just do the bedtime reading stint.  Now that I have taken her advice, I am afraid I took it just a bit too much to heart all week long and have done absolutely nothing in the way of extra housework, laundry etc.  The place is a cess pit and the laundry baskets are overflowing, but it certainly did feel good to admit I am tired right now and needed the break.  It was kind of a home based mini holiday, but now I must get back to work.

Physio first and then a casserole and then dishes and then......

Maybe if I get a LOT done I can bus up to the Cornwall Centre tomorrow for some window shopping and cheap lunch so that my husband's day long absence will not seem to drag by so slowly.

A chilly day today, perfect for some hard work as I have no desire to be out and about in the windy cold that is March on the prairies. Brrrrr!!

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