Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Well No Wonder!!!!

I just read a newspaper article about the City of Regina deciding NOT to bring in a policy to license rental properties.  Again, with the stress and busyness of the move here, we did not take time to do proper research before seeking living accommodation. Again, we made an assumption that rental properties would of course have to be licensed.  NOT SO!!

O it explains so much about the myriad disaster properties we viewed.  Smoke detectors that did not appear to be in working order, if they were even present in some of the suites and houses; holes in the walls; filth and mouse droppings in basements; rat traps that had not been emptied in months; shorts in light switches; broken appliances....the list goes on.  The City has decided that instead of implementing the expensive procedures necessary for licensing, they will simply attempt to do a more complete job of inspecting ALL properties for compliance to health and safety standards.  "Good luck stormin' the castle(s)boys!"** is all I have to say about that.  There obviously aren't enough personnel in the city offices to do that now, how on earth are they going to improve the service to include so many rental properties that probably haven't been inspected by the City in years, if ever at all??

I do hope the City of Regina is able to find the manpower to do these more complete inspections.  We viewed far too many dangerous suites and houses last year before we moved into this place.  While it conducts more safety checks and performs asked for repairs more regularly, thoroughly and quickly than many of the other places we viewed, if this place is among the best...well....there is a definite problem with rentals in this city.   

** thank you script writers from The Princess Bride.

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