Thursday, April 14, 2016


'Tis a beautiful warm and sunny day today.  I have been for my morning walk, shredded old documents for an hour, eaten my meals and done the cleaning up afterward, have a load of laundry in the washer and now, at mid afternoon, I am ready for a nap!!  

Last night I didn't get sufficient sleep due to the late night noise of street sweepers, low flying aircraft and a higher than usual number of stereo thumping cars passing by my bedroom window.  On top of that I was newly energized by my successful shopping excursion downtown yesterday and had trouble settling down for an earlier than usual bedtime due to my husband having to get up earlier than usual this morning.  Fortunately he is going out for lunch with a baptismal candidate because after a rough night I was so groggy at 6:30am who knows what I would have sent in his lunch kit today??

I am going to continue with the other 2 loads of laundry rather than lie down and sleep in the middle of the day.  If I had a nap I know how wretched I would feel upon waking.  I am not one of those folks who can lay down for a brief period of time on a warm afternoon and awaken refreshed; instead I feel nauseated and dizzy, foggy headed and generally miserable. Sleeping is to occur between the hours of midight and 7am in my world!

I vaccumed and dusted a bit downstairs as well since my cousin and his wife are dropping by tomorrow for lunch. That will be fun. I have not seen them in nearly 3 years!!  The last time I saw them was the day before the major symptoms of that medication allergy began!  It will be so nice to see them again when I am actually feeling well!!

On Saturday I have to haul out a vaccuum from the suite to clean the inside of our car.  The windows need to be washed off and polished inside and the entire outside needs a trip to the carwash. Since we are going to have to get a new car soon after we return from study leave I am dreading putting all this work into our current old heap, but I will be hauling my parents around in it for the better part of a week.  They shouldn't have to dodge around bits of grass and old gravel pellets and other dirt that comes in on the bottom of our shoes and then sits for weeks at a time between cleanings.  I don't think the car got an interior cleaning the entire winter....yuck!!  Guess I am going to be busy on Saturday. Good thing I started the laundry today. Tomorrow afternoon I will iron up my clothes and wash my husband's laundry.  I started packing my suitcase all ready to save time on the weekend.

Oh dear we come!

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chris e. said...

No, I can't nap either. Well, I can, but I too awake feeling much worse for wear.
Hats off to you for cleaning a vehicle! When we got our current one I pledged to keep it clean and respectable inside--dear husband looks after the outside. Now, 6 years later, it's evident my internal definition of 'respectable' is a little more elastic than I realized! Still cleaner than our truck though. The only time it got detailed was when shutting the driver's door raised enough dust I started sneezing. So that translated into 4 or 5 cleanings in what...22 years?
Have a good trip!