Wednesday, April 13, 2016

You Never Know Who You'll Meet

Our taxes took a little re-working before they could be sent because when he is tired my husband's numbers dyslexia kicks in. In the end he is getting a somewhat smaller rebate than he at first thought, haha. However, everything is now in the mail and completed as best as we could manage.

At dinner time afterward I looked at  the pack of translucent, blobby chicken breasts I planned to cook and felt my stomach turn over....blecch! I looked at the crisper of salad fixings and had the same reaction. I certainly had the energy to cook dinner but knew I wasn't going to be able to face eating it. So, my husband decided it was time for a long awaited return to Creekside pub for beef dip and a bison burger. Oh......OKAY!

Creekside has average pub grub. It isn't spectacular or remotely gourmet, but it is well prepared and hearty with good Caesar salads.....and it is dirt cheap! Dinner for two for twenty-two dollars! Yay!

The man sitting at the table next to us was a trucker from Winnipeg, Ken. He told us about his amazing wife, kids and grandkids, their one and only vacation in Thailand, a place he would recommend to all. He had a bit of a rant about the thousands of Christians being murdered by terrorists and others in the Middle East and how frustrated he is by the lack of media attention that specific demographic is receiving. Considering he made no claims of being any sort of believer himself, I found his sense of fairness toward the Christian martyrs most touching. After his little rant my husband told Ken what he does for a living, haha. He is a very interesting fellow with no qualms about explaining himself to complete strangers. He said that although he should be long retired by now, he loves his work and loves making the extra cash for the grandkids to spend, haha. He is a dear person and we wish him well, safe travels in his rig.

We came away feeling refreshed for having met someone new who liked to chat.

We arrived home to find emailed photos from our son of the gorgeous deep blue and black Siamese fighting fish he was given for his birthday by a good friend, complete with a good sized aquarium, sand, a tall swaying water plant...what an amazing present! Son has spent part of this week researching the species and learning how to care for him. He said it is the first time in his life he has been completely in charge of caring for an alien life form, other than a couple of his ex girlfriends! I would have to agree with that!! Sad but true! I know how nasty his comment sounds, but he has finally developed some sense of humour about the past so I am glad of that. If ya'll only knew.....

Looks like it might rain today. I am going to tidy up around here then bus up to Cornwall Centre for a few necessary items. I guess today I will have to cook that chicken I left in the refrigerator last night. Today I can face it. The meat looks far more appealing than it did last night!

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