Monday, May 23, 2016

A Long Weekend Treat

I am so grateful my reaction to the mold ingestion was pretty much over by early evening! Some friends called to invite us over for a walk along the creek side near their house. What a lovely place to walk....far prettier to me than the main paths around Wascana "Lake"!

I will be driving myself to their neighbourhood next time I want to take a walk "just because" with no destination goal in mind. Finally I have found the sort of pretty place here that is peaceful and beautiful....and gloriously free of goose poop!

On one side of the path is a grassy strip that drops down to the creek. On the other side there are wide wooden staircases every so often leading down through big old elm and poplar trees and into an old and rather exclusive neighbourhood. It is just gorgeous and, like the rest of the city, still mosquito-free!

I was limping pretty badly by the time we completed our somewhat abbreviated walk...stupid hip and knee...but I felt exhilarated by my first longer walk on uneven terrain and deteriorating city sidewalks without so much as a stumble. Whew! A little confidence is returning. I just have to remember not to rush.

For my reward I was handed a glass of a favourite wine along with a bowl of fresh fruit and cream. Yum! So happy I ate an early dinner that permitted me a delicious evening snack! We had a peaceful and relaxing visit together.

It was a nice day really, the little sag midday offset by the excellent church service in the morning and our visit with friends in the evening. Now it is after midnight. I am hoping the walk in the warm spring air tired me out sufficiently for a good night's sleep!

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