Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Most Satisfying Day All Around

Church was so enjoyable this morning and the sermon by our guest priest was most inspiring. It reminded me to remember the miracles I have experienced in prayer and healing and financial provision, among other things.  I think I am well on the path to recoving my cheery self that has been missing in action far too often over the past couple of months.  Thank you dear friend, colleague of my husband's who helped me so much this morning.  The whole congregation enjoys your direct and excellent teaching.

After a quick lunch of a hot home made salmon sandwich, I went with my choir friends to the home of the new director and we had a wonderful time looking at possible song choices for the fall.  What a nice group of gals.  I had a good time!

After a bit of a rest at home I then headed out to Dawat India for what is, for me, the best Indian buffet in the city.  Tonight there were some new dishes I had not seen or tried anywhere before...all delicious.  My dinner companion was the same lady who preached at our church this morning. She is so much fun, full of laughs and also incredible wisdom gained through a life long walk with the Lord.  

Now I am going to watch my favourite cooking show on tv and relax a bit before bed.  Tomorrow afternoon I hope to go to visit a parishioner who has hundreds of dollars of bedding out plants on display in her yard.  O how she loves flowers.  It sounds like a spectacular display.  Visiting her will be a lot of fun as well.

Unless something else comes up I think that is my only social plan for tomorrow, so I will do some laundry or house cleaning.  I have plans for a parishioner couple to come for dinner early next week, the night before we leave on holidays. They are a calm and solid pair and I think a refreshing visit with them will be just what we need before we begin our annual holiday tradition of frantic last minute packing, haha.

Tuesday is hair appointment day and lunch at Zam Zam Wraps day.  Maybe somewhere in this next couple of days I can get the suite cleaned, but if something fun comes up to do instead, I am going for it!! There is always the end of the week when my husband is back at work to get those chores done, right?  Of course right!!  haha

I received word this afternoon that my husband and his friend arrived safely in Canmore about noon today, so I am glad they had the rest of today to relax and plan the ascent of their chosen mountain peak tomorrow. The weather appears to be good for them and that is a relief.

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