Thursday, May 12, 2016

A New Friend

Today I was finally able to have a real visit with my lovely Muslim neighbour. She is a wonderful lady and we had so much fun talking over mugs of coffee. My bladder feels like it is attempting to float itself right out of my body because coffee and I are not particularly compatible, but I made several attempts to return home that resulted in more coffee and more chatter. Her husband assisted me in unloading some heavy groceries prior to my visit with his wife and it opened the door at last for a connection socially.  You know how sometimes you just feel drawn to a person? That is how I feel about this middle aged mom. Her kids are quite young still and she is struggling to keep up. I was a fairly young mom when my own son was the age of her youngest and I still struggled, so we had fun swapping stories about our overly creative sons! 

So, as usual my time frame for the many shopping and house chores of the day has had little relationship to what God has planned for my day. It just assures me that he will also ensure sufficient time for me to still complete the tasks that are actually necessary as I attempt to spread out my preparations for the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner event on Saturday. 

Very happy I had to get to the grocery stores by 8am in order to have the car back here in time for my husband to take it to work. Had I gone later I may have missed the chance to see my neighbours and make a new friend. 

Another good day....I am tracking daily good things on purpose so that the constant physical pain does not overwhelm my mind and emotions. It really is working well. Yay!

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