Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Pox On You SaveOn Foods Regina!

Just kidding....about the pox part of course....but I am rather disappointed in the bakery personnel.

The first 2 weeks of collecting my Monday standing order of pretzel buns went smoothly.  I walked in, my order was ready, I paid for the buns, purchased a few other odds and sods of items and I came home again.

Week 3 there were no buns ready for me...apparently the person in charge of putting the bakery items on the shelves was told I had this standing order but insisted the other staff put all the pretzel buns out anyway. Fortunately for me there were 2 bags left on the shelf, I reaffirmed my order for the following Monday and away I went. The gal I dealt with promised to remind the baker and others in charge of the shelving that 2 bags were to be set aside for me on Sunday afternoon for Monday pick up.  I checked again to be sure they had my order, name and phone number on file for the following week.

This past Monday I went back to SaveOn for my order and once again there was nothing for me.  The gal I dealt with was upset and apologetic about being ordered, once again, to put all the bags of pretzel buns on the shelves. When I arrived to pick up my own bags of buns, not only were they not there for me, the shelves were completely empty of any more of them.

I felt very sorry for the gal I was talking to. She was angry with her boss, worried about what my reaction might be and she was near tears.  I told her it was not her fault that my order had not been filled but that I wanted to talk to the person who had made the decision about my order.  That person was not there apparently, and I believe this gal was telling the truth. So, I tried to speak to someone in management and once again apparently no one was available.  O well, I thought, I will leave a message for the person in charge of the bakery to give me a call.  I assumed I could find out what is going on and see if I could start a standing order again or not. Part of the message I left was that if I didn't hear from someone in the next day or two I would not be returning to SaveOn as a customer, but that I hoped we could just straighten out the problem.

That was 4 days ago. I have not heard from the bakery personnel nor anyone else associated with SaveOn Foods Regina.   It is nice to know where I stand. I can be relieved now about my decision to not shop there again because apparently my  business hasn't been important to them.  Whew!  Good to know!

I hope the store does well in their new Regina location because, to be honest, this city needs the competition, but I will not be one of their supporters in terms of being a customer.  After the incredibly competent service I have had from SaveOn Foods in BC and Alberta over the past years I am honestly very disappointed in the SK employees that I have had to deal with personally.  Sad, sad, sad.........

So, I have confessed my disappointment so I feel better.  If you have a great SaveOn Foods where you live, I encourage you to enjoy the store and shop 'til you drop there. It seems my local store is the one big blip in the SaveOn chain.

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