Monday, May 2, 2016

A Warm 'n' Lazy Day for Doing Census

Sun, glorious sun!  Warmth and sun are what we have going on here today.  It is wonderful, I have to say...there, I have said it!

Got some racing about done this morning to my favourite grocery store after a nice sleep in, interrupted only by the back up beeping mechanism on the management's large dump truck that was in operation all ready prior to 7am.  Got my Mothers' Day card away in the post.  Found some proper maple syrup on sale at a pharmacy...the last place I would have expected to find such a bargain!

The mail arrived just after lunch.  In the pile of junk mail I found a request for census to be completed before the end of this month.  So glad I did the online version.  It was quick and easy and, bonus, we had the short version of 10 questions, end of story.

I wonder how the new census strategy will work:  refusing to mail out a paper copy of the questions unless it is requested by the recipient of the notificiation.  That will throw a few of our more elderly citizens, like my parents, for a bit of a loop.  They have to mail away their request, postage being their own cost to cover, get it in well before the end of May and then await the paper copy in the mail, also to be filled out and sent in before the end of May.  I am going to have to check with my parents and ensure they understand what is required as they have a tendency to not read instructions very carefully and then find themselves under time crunches for deadlines.

For myself it was great to be able to fill in the questions online.  While I don't think computer technology is always the way to go, for something like this it is very handy indeed.

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