Sunday, May 22, 2016

An OK Restaurant I Can't Eat At....Sigh....

I have to admit I rarely enjoy restaurant buffets, but I was happy to accompany my husband to the lunch buffet at Brewster's after church. We heard good things about it and he has been wanting to go there for some time.

Well, it was good enough, better than others I have been to in Regina, with a wonderful variety. My husband enjoyed it, even if it was less than special, but I got into trouble on the second mouthful and it ruined the rest of my lunch. The lightly floured and herbed white fish was the culprit. After enjoying a forkful of Caesar salad that was quite a bit tastier and better prepared than the Greko fiasco salad, I took a huge bite of the delicious looking fish. It was perfectly cooked, nicely herbed....but something wasn't quite right. I chewed and swallowed, chewed and swallowed, trying to figure out what the odd under taste was. Suddenly it hit me: mold!

Understand, I have a sensitivity to molds that gives me the ability to taste it in micro amounts. There probably wasn't enough mold in that coating to hurt anyone, but for me it left an after taste and gave me a fuzzy brain and a bad case of the crabbies that lasted for several hours afterward. It made me hyper sensitive to the other itsy bitsy annoyances that plague many buffets: annoyances like room temperature scrambled eggs and chilly veggie mix that came with the slices of medium rare roast beef that unfortunately was carved with the grain instead of against the grain, resulting in perfectly tasty bites of toughness that could have been avoided had the roast simply been carved properly. The beef and pepper kabobs were good, but again, not hot enough. The lasagna and penne appeared to be fine, the other salads were okay and the smoked salmon was excellent. The bacon and sausages were all stuck together in clumps in their respective trays, so I gave up trying to separate one slice of bacon from its buddies when I realized it was rather undercooked for my personal preference. For my husband it was cooked just right, so he kept at the task of separation until he secured one lone piece. haha There were teeny squares of cheese bread that were delicious and I was able to limit myself to one, despite the temptation to return for another. The desserts looked pretty good but I can't eat them, so no idea how they tasted. My husband reported that the potato crisps were actually rather soggy and underdone, but I noticed he ate a fair number of them, haha. The shrimp were lovely and clean and there were at least three different sauces for them. I should have tried a couple, but the man ahead of me in line filled his entire plate with them, leaving none for the rest of us. The man likes mini-shrimp I guess, haha. What I should have done was gone directly to the fresh omelette station, filled the thing up with as many fresh veggies as it could hold, topped my plate with a few spoons of Greek salad and just called it a day. Live and learn. I could also have avoided having the worry that one of the fast fingered kids littering the place had touched any of the food on my plate while it was still in the trays, eeeeeyukkkko!!!

I'm sorry but I am just not a buffet kinda gal. Other peoples' fingers, dander, drool, dust, sweat and loose hairs in my food is not appealing, to put it politely.

The excellent waiter gave us a fifteen per cent seniors' discount, even though we don't quite qualify yet, so that took the edge off the disappointment of my own experience. There were several delicious items, but once the mold hits my system the reaction is instant and spoils everything else I eat.

My husband isn't keen to return either and we were trying to figure out why, since he enjoyed his meal much more than I did. We decided it is because we have been so blessed in recent months with truly excellent fare, we are no longer willing to settle for average. Some of the newer chain restaurants even have some delicious items to choose from.

I guess we should just be relieved that after a long absence from anything resembling quality restaurant fare, our palates can still discern the difference between decent meals and those that are questionable at best!

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