Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blessed Heat Blessed Sunshine Blessed Day

Both of us were up and ready to go at a relatively early time of the morning for a day off work.  Right after breakfast we went out to do our shopping chores and it was a lot of fun as we went to a store we hadn't been to here yet in a search for some ankle weights for my husband.

We ended up buying them at the east side Canadian Tire as they had the best deal on the adjustable style my husband was looking for.  I made a surprise purchase for myself as well....aiii yiiii....am I losing it or what?  After scorning the whole idea for the better part of the last 2 years I broke down and purchased an adult colouring book and some fine tip coloured markers.  It is a book of intricate patterns, rather oriental in style and I find them appealing.  I will see how much colouring I actually do before I become completely bored and embarrassed by it. Not being an artist in any sense of the word, other people have to create the designs for me and I just put in the colours.  Time for something new in the area of calming relaxation.  

It is glorious outside today.  It is warm and sunny and there is only the gentlest breeze instead of our usual gale force wind conditions.  I wish I had more to do in the way of chores to fill up the earlier part of the afternoon by being outside, but before 3pm I have to be at Qu'Appelle House for the 50th anniversary of their seniors' facility. They are having a tea and I will be there for an hour to sell raffle tickets.  I am happy I was asked by one of our church women, who is organizing the staffing, to participate. Slowly but surely I am being included in the ministry of helps in our church and it is a lot of fun for me.  While I am there my husband will strap on his new ankle weights and go for a walk.  

I am hoping to be able to walk home from the tea.  I have counted the blocks, thought about the route and I think if I just overcome the temptation to rush I can do it.  There is a coffee bar with outdoor benches on the sidewalk half way home so if I need to sit down for a minute I can certainly do that. Physically I am pretty sure I can do it, mentally I still have some overcoming of fear to accomplish.  I caught the toe of my sandal on the floor of the grocery store this morning and although I didn't come near to even tripping, let alone falling down, I shook for a good fifteen minutes afterward.  Fighting the fear is a necessity or I will never leave the house alone for any sort of useful walking exercise.  I have to do a lot of walking in Vancouver in another few weeks' time so I need to get into better long distance walking shape physically and mentally!

Well, off to start eye balling the contents of my refrigerator in an attempt to come up with an interesting and healthy lunch for us.  On the first warm and lovely days of spring weather I hate having to cook.  Today is the kind of day where meals should be magically prepared and presented to me, the prep, cleanup and dishes all completed without my having to participate!! haha

Bless you all today!!

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