Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Busy Days! YAY!!

As my knee has slowly been healing it has been nice to be able to be busy again each day!

Yesterday was a great day, despite the sad start of a funeral first thing in the morning.  It is the first time I have accompanied any music since we moved here and I can't say it went particularly well, but I managed to plough past the many, many mistakes I made on the piano and get through it sufficiently well to fool the non-musicians in the crowd.  I took it on because it was an emergency.  None of our other pianists from the church were able to play.  For the same reason I have agreed to play for a church baptism on June 3 as well.  Now I am praying that there will be no more emergencies for a LONG time in the piano accompaniment department here!!

Did a few chores in the afternoon and had a wonderful visit with my husband after he returned from the interment at the cemetery.  Every so often it is good to stop moving long enough to make sure we are still on the same page about life in general.

Then I attended the Amici Choir concert in the evening.  The concert went fairly well, although the majority of the soloists were extremely nervous and it showed, BUT I was thrilled to see that all the solos were given to our own choir members and not to people from the director's other choirs!!  YES!!!  (and I say "our own" because I truly believe now that I am to return to their midst in September) There were no guest soloists, no paid soloists.  There was a marvellous addition of a very professional drummer and bassist who knew how to refrain from overpowering the choir voices.  Sitting at a table with some parisioners and others from Living Spirit Centre made the evening that much more fun.

Today I am tired. The accompanying took more of an emotional toll than a physical one, but still it exhausted me from the stress involved.  I am glad I could make that small contribution to the memorial for a dear man who lived an amazing live of service to his church and community, but I hope I can make some other, less mentally strenuous contribution at our church's next such service.

The ironing and dishes are done now for this morning and I am going to race to the bus in a few minutes to go downtown and mail some parcels, do some banking and have a late lunch at Zam Zam's!  It is warming up again outside and that is a bonus to the day!

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