Sunday, May 1, 2016

By Process of Elimination...........

.....I guess I am cleaning house on this warm and sunny afternoon...sigh.....


If I thought I could handle the trip to Moosomin with my husband and cronies, it isn't too late to go for it, but after rethinking the whole process I know it isn't wise due to the length of time sitting in a vehicle only a week after the last long drive and the lack of a proper food source available for dinner at the other end of the journey prior to the induction service.  I suppose I COULD make a sandwich of some kind to take along, but....naaaa...I feel complete peace about staying home.

I did communicate yesterday with several Moose Jaw friends and discovered every one of them all ready had plans for today, so the idea of driving in for church and lunch there kind of lost its appeal...a 2 hour round trip with no one to lunch with or have a long visit any more than I found here this morning in our own congregation of busy folk.  (By the way, great service Rod and Heather, well done!)

Had a good visit with parishioners during the coffee hour and that was fun.  The two teensy ginger snap cookies I ate along with a quarter mug of coffee were quite wonderful!  Yum!!

So, here I am at home with more than 12 hours stretching out in front of me on this warm and sunny Sunday...nowhere to go and no one to see.  I could go driving about to some malls and grocery stores, just for the fun of window shopping, but I feel better about remaining here, cleaning the suite, being calm and relaxed.  After the busy week in Calgary, followed by some equally busy days here at home, I find it very difficult to settle down and just enjoy the down time I know I am supposed to be under doctor's orders to utilize for the sake of heart health.  Oooo wow, I find it so difficult to gear down and focus on home chores.  If I had my way I would be on the go every minute of every day.  I LOVE being busy away from home!

Guess I am still geared up after last night's EXCELLENT concert performance by the local Vivace singers. There was lots of old jazz and swing, some ballads and rag time.  What a great conglomeration of songs under great direction of Mr. John Nelson and the accomaniment by some absolutely fantastic instrumentalists.  I was flying pretty high when I got home last night and had trouble getting to sleep as I re-sang all their songs in my head. I am considering auditioning for them in Sept. if Amici keeps their rehearsal time the way it is now so the two choir rehearsal times don't conflict.  We will see how it goes in the autumn, how life is panning out for me with my husband's schedule.

Well, I have nearly 2 hours before it will be time for me to eat my lunch, so that is plenty of time to get into some housework apparel and get a move on here.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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