Monday, May 23, 2016

Fa La La La La Etcetera!

I am grateful for the short lived rain showers late this afternoon after a rather chilly day.  At least the wind has not been howling since it was so bad on Saturday.  The geese who hang out at our complex are standing around a large puddle in the parking lot drinking their fill of grubby water.  There are 2 pair and a single male who seems to have finally wormed his way into the group after spending the past month being chased away by the males in the other 2 pair.  Now it isn't unusual to see the 5 of them waltzing past early in the morning and around dinnertime each evening.  We have an old whisk broom that we can wave up  behind the tallest owl statue on our deck railing if the geese stop moving in front of our area of the lawn.  Once that boom starts waving, like flappy owl wings, they move on as quickly as their little webbed feet and waggly behinds will carry them.  It is hilarious to watch.  I have only had to go outside twice this weekend to pick up a few droppings from the grass, yay!!

My husband spent the entire day packing and preparing for his big climbing trip that has been postponed to next weekend.  All he has left to do is purchase the last few food items and pack them properly just before he leaves home.  Hopefully his buddy from down the road can also find a replacement for his own Sunday preaching gig and then they can depart late Saturday afternoon after my husband's committee meeting.  Praying like ten bears it will all work out this time, no snow, not raining every day they are in the mountains, a decent campsite for a few nights....from my mouth to God's ear!

I get to play the game of old age together with my husband later this week.  He has rescheduled some medical lab work so that he and I can go in together one morning and get our tests done and over with for another few months.  He was supposed to go tomorrow but forgot how many hours he has to fast for this test, so was mentally unprepared for it all. haha  He has to go to the clinic as soon as it opens in the morning anyway to get his stitches out and I think with all the other things he has to do tomorrow it won't hurt him to change those lab tests.  Since we have to head to Swift Current in the late afternoon for an evening meeting that will not have us home until close to midnight, any other committment he can take out of the day prior to leaving is a good idea.

With all the resting I have been doing over the past 2 weeks my knee is finally becoming much less painful.  The lack of exercise has put my blood sugar up a good half point at all times, but I had to balance that against the injury to my knee and the knee won out!  I don't mind the chronic pain in my hip now, but to have the opposite knee giving me what for all the time was getting to be too much to handle!  Sure feels good to see the swelling gone and to have only the smallest remnants of discomfort left under my kneecap.  About 3 more days of relative inactivity should fix it up the rest of the way and then I have to be very careful for another few weeks.  How this is going to effect my time in Vancouver I am trying not to think about! haha

My parents are doing okay right now so that is a relief. Dad's back has been bugging him ever since he had his skeletal survey 2 weeks ago.  He had to lie on a completely flat, hard table for the test and coming so soon after the severe back spasm it was too much. He has taken a lot of extra morphine since then, but it is slowly getting better.  Tomorrow he has his final blood work and then meets with the haematologist on May 31st to get a more complete prognosis on his leukemia.  I have to remember he is nearly 90 years old and so things happen at that age.  Poor Dad: the osteoporosis has him addicted to morphine, he has had at least a half dozen heart attacks and has a heart murmur, he has had a non-life threatening skin cancer for several years, his macular degeneration is worsening and childhood exposure to asbestos has effected his lungs and his breathing.  He hasn't been able to admit his hearing is not as crisp as it has been but we really noticed it during our last visit. What does the man have to look forward to?  As he said recently, "I feel like I am just putting in time until I can die."  Completely understandable, isn't it?  He isn't particularly depressed about life, just resigned to the inevitable.  I am proud of him for being less depressed than I think he has a right to be.  Mom continues to do amazingly well. She will turn 90 in just over a year now and I can only pray that failing kidney keeps going for her for awhile longer.  Other than that she is in amazing physical condition and mentally there hasn't been much loss of ability to date.

Son is doing very well, has a painting featured with others from a group of artists whose paintings are also being featured in a well known photographer's next showing at VAG.  I am excited for him.  It is more exposure for his work and the photographer is excellent, has had shows all over the world.  So looking forward to seeing our son's studio and his latest works when we get out to see him next month.  The closer he gets to completing his US visa the better his home city is looking to him it seems, haha.  He has kind of been dragging his feet with the application lately, but is determined to get it done and to hope it is accepted by the powers that be.  He is not particularly enamoured of NYC as a long term place to stay, but he knows it is a necessary move for a few years for the sake of his career.  I hope and pray it all works out for him. Last week he found out that if he can get his application taken care of by the end of the summer, he has work for a few months in NYC staring sometime this fall.  Here's hoping....

Part of my daily prayer from the wee book goes like this:
"....Help me provide a healthy environment in my home with less dirt and dust and fewer germs."
I sort of laughed when I read that as it seemed an odd thing to be praying about for some reason. However, as I look around this dusty old place with the dirt on the windowsills beside the open windows...dirt that blew in during that wind storm on Saturday...the never ending food and drink droppings that I am constantly removing from the kitchen floor and the carpet fibre lint that covers the furniture constantly as the old broadloom disintegrates, it does seem very fitting for me to be praying that way.

Well, time for a blood test. Wonder how high it is going to be this time??  I kept a move on pretty steadily for nearly 90 consecutive minutes after dinner tonight, so hope it helped.  I can't seem to remember that when I have so little exercise going on for the sake of my knee, I must also reduce my carb intake by one unit at lunch and dinner. hard can it be to remember such a small thing???  Guess my denial that it is going to make such a big difference is in full bloom! hahaha  Anyway, here's hoping it isn't too terrible  tonight!

Better go to bed at an earlier time than usual tonight as tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, lots of long distance driving and a lot of time for me to waste sitting around Swift Current while my husband has his meeting.

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