Thursday, May 26, 2016

Floggin' the Old Bod!

Had a long talk with my physiotherapist yesterday. The result is a return to three exercises I can do without stressing my knee again....each exercise is to be done once a day...100 reps each...up from 12! Apparently he is as frustrated by my lack of progress as I am, so now out come the big guns! I started today. After breakfast I will be doing 100 full bridges, after lunch I move on to 100 hip abductions, after dinner I will be aiming for 100 "clam legs" with the theraband for extra resistance. Okay, I admit I was only able to do 50 each of my morning and afternoon exercises. But to move from 12 to 50 reps is a pretty good start I think. Tomorrow I will try to add 10 more reps each.
Apparently I have weak butt muscles....muscles? You mean there is something back there besides fat and sagging skin? Wow!

So I have rested more than anything else over the past two weeks and my knee is nearly healed again. However, I feel fat and indolent. Tomorrow morning I am doing the last big load of grocery shopping before holidays. While my husband is away mountain climbing I will give the suite a good cleaning. I may take a little trip to Moose Jaw...maybe two trips...or none at all. It will be my call. Yay!

We have almost conquered the leaky basement here. After two days of rain this week we have only the teensiest bit of water still coming in at the usual corner. One more coat of sealant should end the water leak entirely. Yay! Now we just have to live here for at least two more years to absorb the cost and energy expended to make this crazy suite liveable! haha

Tomorrow evening is the annual lobster dinner fundraiser at our church. It sold out in a week as it is so popular. I am really looking forward to the food, friendly visiting and incredible noise level in the basement fellowship hall that so needs some sound tiles put into the ceiling...ooooh, the cost....

Saturday I will deliver my husband to his first rendezvous point to hook up with camping buddy number one. And I will be gloriously free WITH the car for a few days.

The sun is presently struggling to break through the clouds and it is time to decide what to prepare for dinner........

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