Tuesday, May 3, 2016

God Save Fort Mac!

Fort McMurray Alberta is on fire. Residents by the tens of thousands are trying to flee the flames and dense smoke as the fire bears down on the town, driven by strong southwest winds and a daytime high temperature in the +30's. Highway 63 out of town southbound is now closed and everyone attempting to leave is being forced out to the north. There is nowhere substantial town wise to go to in the north. The Super 8 Motel is on fire, the hospital has been evacuated and closed, homes are burning, the flames are dangerously close to the highway on the north end of the town and has jumped highway 63 to the south and across a main intersection within the town.

Adding to the potential for an even bigger disaster is the closeness to the flames of the major oil sands projects.

Please pray for the people of Fort McMurray. The flames are catching up to the evacuees, the smoke is so dense drivers can barely see enough ahead down the road to evacuate at all. An entire RV park has all ready burned to the ground and homes are catching fire. O the poor people. I am heartsick...

Sigh.....not a good sign this dry prairie spring.

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