Thursday, May 5, 2016

How Long Will It Take?

Late last night I emailed our management company with a couple of needed repairs here in the suite.  Wonder how long it will take for a new light box/switch to replace the shorted out one in my bedroom and a new valve and/or other inner workings for our leaking toilet tank?  I like being able to email and get a confirmation that the request has been received over having to make phone call after phone call attempting to contact the right department to get a maintenance request submitted. I am hoping for repairs by early next week so that I can use my overhead bedroom light again. Right now I have the switch taped down to keep the overhead light off and to keep it from shorting out again.  The toilet valve has been leaking almost since we moved in over a year ago, but up until a few days ago just jiggling the flush handle has been sufficient to get it to shut off.  We'll see if the interior maintenance can be done as quickly as the last time we asked for help.  

Today is to be the warmest day of the week, if we reach our predicted high of +31C.  Then the trend heads the other direction for a good week or more with highs next week in the mid teens apparently.  Unfortunately, at this point anyway, there is not so much as a drop of moisture in the forecast.

Last night we had our first drift of smoke come in from the Fort McMurray fire.  Ooooh second I was sitting reading my book and enjoying the slight cool down of the middle evening hours and the next I was racing to close the kitchen window while screeching at my husband to close the upstairs windows before my asthma had a chance to get started.  Apparently we will be getting far more smoke by tonight as the biggest drift has reached The Battlefords all ready and should be hovering over the city of Saskatoon by this afternoon sometime.  We will be next no doubt. I cannot get over the devastation up there...what a tragic disaster for all the folks and business owners who lost their homes and venues.

I took it easy yesterday...ALL day.  I did essentially nothing of value apart from making meals and washing dishes.  Today I am doing about the same amount of useful activity.  I am SO tired.  My knee is hurting from some of the physio I have to do for my hip so I have dropped all exercises that put a strain on it, at least until it heals up.  It has been over strained unfortunately, but I am sure it will recover if I am very careful with it for another week or so.  As far as the hip, yesterday was the completion of my second round of 21 days with the last set of exercises I received.  There are 3 or 4 of them where I know I can still make progress but the other 10 or 11 have achieved maximum benefit so I think after this week's round of physio I will just drop them. The main help now seems to be all the walking I have been doing outside and in the shopping malls over the past three weeks.  Tomorrow I will start doing long walks again.  Going not too quickly keeps my knee from hurting and exercises the hip well.  I suppose I ought to contact my physiotherapist but I am going to have to wait and go over my calendar first to see when I am free to get together with him.  Between his ridiculously busy schedule every week and my own over the next two weeks I am not sure when we will be able to have a session in person.    June is holidays and I am gone most of the month.  Perhaps my husband and I can incorporate a pit stop in my physiotherapist's town at some point during our time off.  Well, that is still to be worked out..........

I am enjoying the silly colouring book and felt marker set. hahaha  The third pattern in the book is nearly completed.  However, I can tell that once I get moving again and busy starting tomorrow I will soon lose interest in the whole project.  My short attention span rises once again! haha

Have been trying to call my parents this morning but the phone has been busy for nearly 2 hours there.  My dad is on a roll I am guessing. He LOVES to talk on the phone, that is for sure, haha.  I will keep trying. Have heard nothing from either of them for nearly a week so that is usually a good sign that they are well and active.

So, two days of enforced rest will soon be over.  Tomorrow it is time for more walking and a load or two of laundry!  Saturday night is the Regina Symphony's Farewell to Victor Sawa, their current director who is leaving after this season.  Halcyon singers and the Philharmonic chorus will be singing.  It is a programme of Beethoven so I know I will enjoy it immensely.

Other than the fire smoke that is on the way, life is good this week.

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