Saturday, May 21, 2016

If I Couldn't See That It Is Dry Outside....

.....I would swear we have been in the middle of a day long blizzard! The wind has been howling non-stop for the past 18 hours, and I do mean howling!!  Sitting still for even a half hour of reading gives me a concept of early settlers actually losing their minds from listening to the seemingly never ending prairie gales. I had to put the television on tonight to block the noise.

Other than the wind it has been a super day! My husband woke me out of a sound sleep at 7am so that I could time my meals properly around our brunch plans. Although the restaurant we planned to go to was too packed out to get a table, we ended up elsewhere enjoying taco salads and scrambled eggs with salsa. What fun!

We got ourselves to the water distribution centre before it closed, so we have decent drinking water for the next two weeks, plus my husband found a knife shop in Victoria Square mall that did a fast and fantastic sharpening job on his machetes and hunting knives. Thank you "Cutting Edge" for good work at a reasonable price.

While my husband was knife shopping, I was window shopping at all the ladies' wear stores. What fun! I need nothing, I purchased nothing, I tried on lots of things to fill time and enjoyed it.

We had a short visit with two sets of neighbours when we arrived home. We laughed at all the neighbourhood kids playing in the piles of dirt and sand and gravel the management here trucked in yesterday and dumped into our parking lot. They were digging big holes, riding bikes up and over the piles, they climbed into the large garbage disposal unit and emerged with short planks and pieces of drywall to drag over to the piles for more creative possibilities for play. When the grounds crew returns on Tuesday morning they will discover their materials for planting new lawns here are filled with chopped up pieces of drywall, assorted bits of wood, kids' shoes and socks, bicycle mirrors and other assorted and unexpected "treasures". They had no idea they were actually installing playground equipment! haha There are landscaping materials littered all over the parking lot. hahahaha The kids had a riot out there today.

We recently watched a documentary about how children who experience more unsupervised play, ie NOT organized sports, dance lessons etc., every day of the week, develop far more creativity and better social skills. Watching the kids of all ages playing together and finding scrap materials to make castles and such in the dirt piles, we have no trouble believing that.

We now regularly have three pair of "childless" geese here several times day. They still squawk at the owls  as they pass by, but are lingering a bit longer and doing their business more often along our path to the car. My husband regularly puts the run on them, but they seem to view him as a pesty nuisance to ignore more often than not, haha. Today one of the kids abandoned a soccer ball between our deck and the parking lot. That threw them for a loop. They stood back gawking at it and honking, inching slowly toward it, but unsure if it was going to hurt them or not. My husband could not resist going outside and rolling the ball toward them. When the ball started moving they all had a fit and ran the other direction as quickly as they were able to waddle. It looked hilarious! They didn't come back at all for the remainder of the evening! I took a pair of old rubber gloves, some towelling and a plastic bag outside and picked up the few mounds of poop the geese left behind. I can hardly believe that now, under my kitchen sink, there is a sealed plastic bag containing those gloves and a label that says, "For Picking Up Goose Poop"! Aiiiii yiiiii....

Tonight we watched a couple of back episodes of "The Blind Spot". We will finish watching this season, but if it is renewed I doubt we will continue. The two lead actors act every scene with their teeth clenched in their attempts to portray the intensity of their roles. It is just silly! It is the "poor man's version of "The Blacklist" I am afraid. The side stories are kind of interesting but the weekly plots are predictable.

Off to church in the morning. It is Trinity Sunday and my husband says he has a very practical sermon. I will be interested to find out how he comes up with a practical life application from this special day in the church calendar year!

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