Monday, May 9, 2016

Ludicrous, But So Funny!!

The maintenance department here at our complex went to a fair amount of trouble two weeks ago to carefully paint "NO PARKING" across a strip of our parking lot where sand and gravel are stored in the winter, but where visitors have been free to park previously during the summer months.

The last few days I have noticed a number of visiting vehicles parking in that space in the evenings. There has never been more than the occasional disobedient soul in the no parking zones over the past year here until that recently.

This morning when I went out to my own car to go grocery shopping, I realized why we have had so many rule breakers in that space.

Some landscaping is being done and a few days ago I noticed the bobcat depositing a load of dirt and grass on one end of the newly designated No Parking zone....the load was deposited right on top of the word "NO", so only the word "PARKING" is visible.  hahaha Instead of a direct order to keep out it looks like a friendly invitation! hahaha

So cute these people who work here!

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