Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Me, Slowly Improving...Dad Slowly Declining

Taking a few weeks off for self-enforced rest is paying off. Over the past few days my energy has been returning in spades and I have been pacing myself to accomplish as much as possible each day without regressing. Since last Thursday I have been able to increase my daily physio exercise reps from 30 each to 70 each. 100 here I come! My hip feels a bit less uncomfortable each day that I exercise. All the laundry is done for today, I survived my transit ride downtown and back for a haircut and shawarma salad lunch, spent my birthday money from my folks and now I am relaxing until it is time to fold the towels.

Dad's appointment with the haematologist was not what I or my mom was hoping for. Instead of talking about a prognosis the fellow told dad he could have a spinal biopsy so he could be 100% sure about having or not having one or the other of the treatment options dad had already decided he was not going to torture himself with. Sigh.... Dad has been virtually disabled for the last two weeks just from having to lie on a flat table for 20 minutes to have his skeletal survey. I remember the incredible pain and ensuing discomfort from his last spinal bone biopsy many years ago when his spine was in far better condition than it is now. Why on earth did the man even mention it? Dad is turning 90 and needs to begin accepting the inevitable instead of torturing himself further for no good reason. He eats and sleeps and drags himself around to a few social things. He is a morphine addict. Mom's life is a living hell trying to care for him. As much as they are enjoying their new home and the great staff and new friends there, underneath is a lot of health related tension all the time. It is a most difficult time for both of them. Dad is going to call me tonight. How I hope and pray we can have an honest conversation without him blowing up at me. He is going to ask me what I think and I am going to tell him.

So, the good plus the not so good = life.

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