Thursday, May 19, 2016

One Bad Meal!

Oooh my aching tummy!!  It is 2am and I am feeling the effects of a poorly prepared dinner salad at a restaurant we had not tried before and will never return to.  It shall remain nameless here!

I had such a busy day and we have not gone out for dinner in awhile, so decided to try an older, established Greek restaurant on Albert Street, (notice I did not name it), although good friends who went there recently were not impressed.  We like Greek food, have not tried any since we moved here over a year ago and decided to find out for ourselves what it is like.

Aiii yiii....we should have listened to our friends!  My husband's meal was pretty average with an over inflated price and mine was ghastly with an even more over inflated price.

He had a boiled chicken breast that was herbed and cooked nicely, a fairly decently cooked veggie mix of broccoli, which I ate because he can't, a bit of cauliflower and a few rounds of carrots.  The amount of vegetables he could have stuck in his eye and seen no less, but they were tasty enough.  His so called roasted Greek potatoes had been parboiled before roasting and were little blobs of mush.  These 3 items were tossed casually onto a white awards for plating....after he had consumed the accompanying caesar salad, slathered in thick, old fashioned, tasteless but for the garlic, dressing and soggy croutons.  The slices of garlic toast we both received were barely toasted, thin, white and so light that eating them was like running against the wind with your mouth open.  For my dinner, in deference to my wallet, as I looked at the high prices,  I opted for the larger version of the horrendous caesar salad....probably the most high priced salad I have ever eaten in my life.  The grilled chicken breast was tasty enough and cooked well, but that salad....whoever made it needs to either be brought forward in a time capsule from the 1970's into the present day or else shot at dawn.  It was so soggy, obviously prepared hours earlier, the croutons so mushy, the lettuce so wilted and the dressing so gooey that I couldn't force more than half of it down my throat.  We decided after our meal that since we were already going to be risking a lifetime of debt to pay for this debacle of a meal, at least we could share a small dessert to make up for the main course....again a big and expensive mistake!  We ordered one tiramisu to share.  The menu said only "tiramisu" and we stupidly thought that is what we would get. Nope....the bakery cake version is what arrived at our table, complete with a still frozen top layer of cream.  Yeeeeeeuck!!!!  An hours old sloppy salad followed by a still partially frozen "conveyer belt" slice of cake that shouldn't have been a slice of actual cake in the first place.  Tiramisu is NOT sponge cake with a thin layer of cream filling on top and then half a can of cocoa powder dowsing the top of it in an attempt to make up for all that is wrong with the blasted thing.  It was so incredibly horrible that we both started to laugh.  The waiter came by to ask us how the food was and fortunately  my mouth was too full of that food to answer him. My dear, forgiving husband said very politely that it was "fine, thank you".

We were obviously the only customers in the place that are not regulars. The wait staff were able to chat up every other couple in the restaurant with great knowledge of their lives and circumstances.  Apparently there are a fair number of folk here who are still stuck in the '70's when it comes to restaurant meals.  Back then I would have eaten that salad and my husband would have downed his parboiled potatoes with nary a complaint, paid the staggeringly high bill without batting an eye and congratulated ourselves on a rare treat of an evening out. However we, unlike the restaurant owners and their regulars, have moved on into the year 2016 and brought our restaurant quality expectations with us!

We arrived home afterward feeling kind of "potty" and overstuffed with fat and sodium, that lingering after taste of what could have been an excellent meal, but wasn't, making us feel somewhat nauseous.  Instead of doing our evening exercise we sat around like two blobs and watched television for a couple of hours, then dragged ourselves off to bed.

I finally fell asleep at 11:30pm, woke up at 11:37pm, fell asleep at 1:45am and woke up at 1:54am, this time with my tummy swirling inside, burping and gasping and not knowing whether to continue lying down or to get up and walk around or to sit quietly holding my head and moaning.  I opted for sitting up and blogging to take my mind off how I am feeling until the worst could pass.  So far it hasn't.  20 minutes later I still feel miserable and apparently I am not going to get any real sleep tonight.

Well, live and learn: if I ever order a meal or a salad that arrives at my table looking and tasting like the slop I got tonight, I WILL send it back and flee the premises!!  I don't mind the occasional visit to a stinker of a restaurant, but when I end up ill, my blood sugar way too high for the time of night, "making memories" is not what I call the experience in an attempt to get a laugh out of a mistake in choosing a restaurant.

In other news: my husband and his friends have had to cancel their long weekend mountain climbing extravaganza.  Sigh....a huge storm system is moving into the Banff and Canmore areas, leaving them with rain and showers and possibly even a few snow flurries predicted for every single day they had planned to be out.  I feel so badly for them, BUT fortunately they have found a time when it is equally convenient for them to get together and do the trip about ten days from now.  The long term forecast for that week is also for rain, but it is far enough away that the forecast could turn out to be totally least I hope and pray that is the case for them.  Since it will not be a long weekend there may be a better chance to snag a decent campsite in the non-reserved areas and it gives my too busy husband a few more days to get his gear and food ready and his freshly incised scalp a chance to get over the pain of healing that he has been experiencing since having a small growth removed Monday afternoon.  Rather than being disappointed, he is rather glad of the change of long as they can actually go at the new time.  Here's hoping for better weather!

Time to make another attempt at laying down. Hopefully I am not going to have to sit upright the entire night waiting for this attack on my stomach to pass!! Blecch, pooey!!! 


chris e. said...

What exactly would comprise a 2016 style Caesar salad?

Susan said...

My opinion only of course, but this is how I think of a truly nowadays Caesar salad:
-no outer leaves of the tough, dark green variety, only the inner romaine leaves
-dressing just barely covering the salad, not drenching it in great gooey globs
-slivers of real paremsan
-bits of anchovy
-a wedge of fresh lemon
-NOT constructed hours ahead of time and left sitting in a huge bowl in the cooler
-croutons added just before serving
-possible addition of slivered almonds, or pumpkin seeds or pine nuts in small amounts

chris e. said...

Ah, well. I guess neither of would be happy with the same dish. As for my opinion:
-inner romaine leaves only rather tasteless, even if crunchy; we like the dark ones as well
-real parmesan slivers, excellent!
-absolutely MUST be prepared right before going on the table
-anchovy, almonds, pumpkin seeds or pine nuts would render it inedible
-a healthy dose of garlic heavy dressing is good
-ixnay the croutons; why ruin a perfectly good salad with carbohydrates?
-we have made Caesar salad with spinach leaves and quite enjoyed it. Not permissible for a low oxalate diet though, oh drat.
So I guess we're not having Caesar salad next time you stop by. What do you want, tacos?

Susan said...

Isn't it great that we don't all like the same foods? How boring that would be!
And tacos would be awesome in any form! Yum! Great idea my friend!

chris e. said...

I don't know, I think it would be rather convenient if we liked the same things. Ever try a taco omelet? Easy-peasy, very filling. And completely corn-free!

Susan said...

Sounds YUMMY!