Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ooooooh, My Poor Parents

Just talked to my parents and the news is not great. Dad had a long meeting with one of his many doctors this afternoon and it appears he either has leukaemia or is on the edge of developing it. He has one more set of blood tests on May 24, then meets with the haematologist on May 31 for final results, possible treatment options, etc.

Dad has pretty much decided he will not take chemotherapy. Do not know what he will decide if he does have this form of cancer, but I suspect Dad is more ready to stop living this life than Mom is ready to let him make the transition to the next. I can only pray she is able to honour whatever decision he ends up making.

Mom got her latest kidney test results yesterday. Although her function is low, it is not yet dire enough to see the specialist. More tests in three months.

I feel so badly for both my parents facing this next dire old age related medical stress. It is difficult to be helpful beyond being available to listen and to be prepared to head out there if /when they want and need me there.

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