Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rights and Outcomes

I think the author of the article referred to in my previous post said something very significant when he talked about equal rights not guaranteeing equal outcomes. I suspect that often in our battles for equal rights for one group and another we forget some of the unchangeable realities that begin, hopefully, to break into our thinking when we finally achieve the equal rights status we fought for yet still are not capable for one reason or another of reaching the desired and previously assumed to be possible outcome. Drawing the logic of our well intentioned arguments to its inevitable conclusion seems to be beyond us somehow.

This is the sort of "stuff" I think about at 3am when I am wide awake and whatever book I have been reading to dull my senses, so I can slumber on, is proving to be less than effective. It is good to be able to think isn't it? Thinking about important issues distracts from the daily aches and pains and routines in life we have to cope with.

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