Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Soggy Day, Soggy Basement

It has been pouring rain here off and on, mostly on, for the past 15 hours. As we suspected, the one corner of our basement began to leak again at some point overnight, leaving an arc of water across the floor. It is the spot where, last fall, my husband did not quite have time to add the final coat of sealant. Outside at that corner the little trench he sneakily dug last summer, to divert standing water away from the foundation, was plugged with new growth grass, so once this rain stops he will have to sneak out once again under cover of darkness when there are no grounds crew here and dig it out again. Instead of wanting to help the basements here to stop flooding, the crew prefer to ignore it and to become highly irate if one of the tenants makes the merest suggestion as to how to stop the problem. Truly it is the only thing that gripes me living here. Apart from that, Boardwalk has been very accommodating and helpful. The leaking toilet flap was replaced last week, the day after I reported it and this afternoon the electrician is on his way over to repair the shorted out light box in my bedroom.

More good news: my husband is getting over the horrendous reaction to what turned out to be a tainted carbonated drink he imbibed two weeks ago. What a relief after two weeks of headaches, stomach and abdominal pain and general malaise after almost every meal. His reaction has been so severe we started keeping a food journal, convinced he was falling over the edge of chronic fatigue syndrome after doing so well for the last 13 years. Living in a new town, with a new set of doctors, he was looking at months of retesting for Crohn's, IBS, even AIDS, until the food or foods causing the reactions could be identified and eliminated from his diet. In the past 48 hours he has been able to start eating again, has not awakened from deep sleeps with painful symptoms and the sore, thick head is gone, leaving him tired but knowing he is on the mend. He had a good appointment with his doctor  this morning, including excellent results from his annual ECG. I am grateful to say the least! I had visions of returning to the diet nightmare that accompanies his bad CFS episodes and didn't feel able to cope just at this time of trying to control my own pain issues. The rest of the carton of drinks has been disposed of just in case they too are tainted and the store where they were purchased alerted.

It is grand to hear my husband puttering away in the basement this afternoon, getting his camp gear ready for the long weekend hike. Fear he wouldn't be able to go after all has been paralyzingly his packing plans. We are both free to look forward to the time off from the daily same old, same old.

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