Sunday, May 1, 2016


Not long ago a friend of mine told me that she is tired of being cast in musicals and dramatic productions as the "funny fat girl".  I can so relate.  As soon as I gained the enormous amount of weight I put on in my middle 30's I discovered a whole new world of stereotyping opening up to me in the arena of public performances.

I am proud of my friend. She had an offer or two this past winter from her choir director to do a fun song, but it seemed to hinge on her weight and the stereotyping that happens when someone who weighs a few pounds also has a very cute face to go with it.  

I have to be careful not to take offense FOR her, but I do understand how she feels and I am very, very proud of her for refusing to do the songs.   

Good on you my friend for not only recognizing the stereotyping by people who should know better, but for also refusing to be sucked into it!

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