Friday, May 13, 2016

The Good With the Bad!

Had my appointment this morning to get my bone density results. Since I have lost an inch in height over the past three years I was not surprised to learn my spinal density has dropped significantly. I am on the waiting list to hear from the local endocrinologist for an appointment to discuss whatever treatment options I may have with my severe allergies. I may be able to take the twice a year injection option, hopefully. It could take 8 months to get into the specialist but I will continue to take my present medication until then, because it IS helping my hips! There has been no reduction in density there. That is amazing and wonderful! So, happily not all the news is bad! Cool!

Didn't sleep well the first part of last night because I was so busy thinking about what my parents are facing over the coming weeks and months. However, I checked my email at about 2am and found a nice report from my busy son. It calmed me down and I slept well for several hours!

Now it is time to prepare the food for tomorrow evening's picnic style dinner. Should be a really fun afternoon, busy and productive!

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