Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Great Escape

We spent a good part of our day shirking our responsibilities and escaping the city, the work needing doing here at home and the daily stresses and concerns. It has been a glorious day all around!

Church went so very well, highlighted by an excellent Pentecost sermon by our beloved deacon and a younger visiting couple who joined us for coffee afterward and were thoroughly delightful.

After service my husband announced he was taking me out for lunch despite having a refrigerator filled with leftovers from last night's dinner. What a treat to gorge myself on a grilled chicken salad at Original Joe's. Yum!

After lunch we returned home to discover the bathroom sink was completely plugged, pension paper work for my husband that should have been filled out nearly two months ago was discovered in a pile of papers in his briefcase and needed to be prepared by tomorrow morning for mailing, I needed to choose prelude hymns for a funeral I am playing for on Tuesday, plus magic fairies had NOT invaded the kitchen in our absence to wash and dry the remaining dishes I wasn't able to complete last evening.  Poop! So much for a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

We sat down for a minute to discuss the order of priority for these jobs, but before we completed that the phone rang. It was a call from friends from a fair distance out of the city wanting us to join them and some other friends, immediately if not sooner, for a spur of the moment event just far enough away to preclude our accomplishing any of the aforementioned tasks before tomorrow by the time we would make it home again. There was no discussion whatsoever as to whether or not we could afford the time to go. Four minutes later we were in our car driving out of the parking lot.

What a fabulous afternoon and evening. Bar-b-que'd venison with fresh locally grown and processed back bacon with chopped chives fresh from our friends' garden made a wonderful appetizer. It was followed by a main course of venison steak, courtesy of a mutual hunter friend, local turkey sausage, spinach salad, fried Japanese mushrooms, wild rice and chick pea salad and my contribution of leftover potato salad. We took the biblical admonition to drink a bit of wine to forget our troubles quite seriously as well! Dessert was a cool and refreshing strawberry torte with a crust of crushed pecans and sesame seeds. The food and the visiting were tied for first place in the "Favourite Part of the Event" category!

Upon returning home, now completely exhausted but much happier and less stressed, the jobs awaiting didn't seem so overwhelming. My knee was giving me excruciating pain, but thanks to the combination of Spanish, Argentinian and French wines I didn't care! I toddled off to bed to write emails and blog and my husband fixed the sink problem. There will be lots of time tomorrow to sleep in and still complete the work we ran away from today.

A Great Escape all our very own! Thank you Lord!

Ooooh, we needed that!

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