Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This That and the Other Thing

O mama, it is hot outside again today! I have only stepped outside long enough to get the mail out of the box by the front door. The blinds and curtains on the windows, along with the windows themselves, have remained closed since we went to bed last night. Seems our strategy to open all the windows up in the cool of the evening and then close them again before the heat of the rising morning sun is going to work. I am very comfortable inside today!

Decided to take a lazy day today. I watched the daily coverage of the Fort Mac fire as often as I could bear to look at the devastation, read a book and coloured two of the patterns in my new book. Talk about a time waster, but it was fun. It is certainly apparent why my son is the family artist rather than myself, haha! I can barely manage to colour within the lines! Aiiii yiiii..... My use of colour mixes is appalling and my fingers are covered in blotches of felt marker colours, fortunately of the washable variety!

My husband starts a very busy few days at work this week. After staff meeting at the church this morning he had a visit to make to hospice care and that will take a huge emotional toll on him. There will be a funeral coming up soon. Sigh....always a difficult event. Starting tonight he has a series of pickups and drop offs to make at the airport as members of a special provincial committee spend two days here, working with our bishop, the canon for education and my husband on a plan and curriculum to standardize our clergy training. So much running about, so many ideas to sift through, so much curriculum to put into place as soon as possible. Three days of crazy busyness will be involved for everyone concerned. Suddenly it will be Sunday once again, another sermon to have prepared, another session with a baptismal candidate and on it goes. Only a month now until his annual four weeks of holidays, but it feels like it will never get here to me! haha

A friend I was expecting to come to visit today was not able to get into the city after all. I am sorry she had stressful hassles arise that prevented her trip, but I am grateful she gets to visit her family out of town soon and have a complete rest! I hope her few days away from her regular life will be as peaceful for her as my one day of rest has been for me today.

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