Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wahoo! All Through!!!

The suite is clean!  The work is done, finished, completed.  I should have a good 7 hours or more to enjoy it before my husband returns home and starts scattering his "stuff" hither, thither and yon once again.  YAY!

So grateful for the time and energy to complete this task today!

In between the chores, I have had a series of emails from church friends asking me if I would care to accompany them to various upcoming concerts around the city over the next couple of weeks.  Of course I have agreed to go to each and every one of them!

In order to go to an afternoon concert the day we are hosting a big dinner here, I have completely revamped the menu, making it a cold meal rather than a hot one.  Looking at the long term weather forecast has confirmed that I shouldn't be even thinking about putting on the oven that day anyway!!  It is all good!!  A concert plus fun company sharing a meal here in my home all in one blessed am I, right??

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