Sunday, May 29, 2016

Where Did the Past Week Disappear To??

The past week is a blur in my mind.  Not sure if it was because it was so busy or if it was not busy enough, but suddenly it is Sunday and we are beginning a new week.

Lots of pleasant things have happened in the past couple of days.  Friday I was able to do what is hopefully the last larger load of grocery shopping before we leave for holidays.  I tried one of the big Superstores I rarely bother driving out to and it was a lot of fun since I had the time to explore and enjoy it.  I was able to locate and purchase as well all the groceries my husband needed to take on his mountain expedition, saving him a trip and the stress of wondering how he was going to have time to fit shopping into his busy schedule.

Friday evening we were able to attend the delicious lobster dinner at our church.  The meal was spectacular actually, far exceeded our expectations.  We laughed that the fellow cooking the lobster for our group of 150 folk does not eat seafood, yet he steamed the lobsters just right! There was a platter of giant sized breaded chicken breasts one of our ladies prepared that were equally delicious. My husband and I shared one of each.  The accoustics in the church hall are atrocious but we still were more or less able to hear the people seated immediately beside us, so had some decent visiting as well.

When we arrived home our neighbours came flying out of their suite to tell us that just moments before a fellow who had passed out on our front step for a couple of hours had finally awakened and gone on his way.  Apparently he was quite relaxed in his alcoholic stupor, shirt open, one shoe off, the remains of his open bottle of alcohol seeping into our lawn, arms crossed comfortably across his chest while his head rested on the concrete drain for our downspout, haha.  They had called the police to come and remove him, but before they arrived he wandered off on his own. The police did a sweep of the neighbourhood to find him and make sure he and the other residents were all okay.  It caused quite a sensation in our little complex.  We had to chuckle to ourselves because we have lived in many a city downtown area and are used to such things.  Unfortunately in this day and age it is neither safe any more to approach such folk and assist them if they need it, nor to help convince them it is time to move on.

Saturday began early for my husband, who was somewhat excited, to say the least, to complete the packing of his food for his mountain trip.  He was up before 6am fussing about, preparing for the hiking.  After a day long committee meeting I picked him up at work and away we went for a drive several towns away.  We met up with one of his hiking buddies there and made the transfer of "stuff" from our car to his.  The two guys headed west to see how far they could get before it got too late at night to set up camp along the way to the mountains.  We drove to the rendezvous point in a driving rain and I suspect the guys didn't see a lot of improvement in weather as they drove west.  It will be interesting to hear later on if they were able to camp along the route or if they ended up in some elderly, cheap hotel for the night.  They should arrive in the mountains just after noon today, just as last night's campers are leaving the sites to return to the city.  The weather report isn't fabulous, but it should clear sufficiently by Tuesday for them to tackle the main mountain ascent before they leave for home on Wednesday.  His rendezvous buddy and his wife are leaving for Australia the next day so hopefully the man sleeps well on airplanes as he is going to be exhausted, I am sure.  My husband will be in a daze at work in the office, I am equally sure. haha  A 22 hour round trip of driving with mountain climbing in between runs is not the way to catch up on a person's sleep!  I hope and pray they have a wonderful time!!  

After I dropped my husband and all his gear off with the buddy, I drove into Moose Jaw on the way home.  We were supposed to go to the birthday party of a dear friend weeks ago and didn't make it, so have been storing his gift in our den in hopes our paths would cross before long. The embarrassing part is that we have seen him twice since then and forgot to bring his gift with us both times...sigh....(note the Old Age label at the end of this posting).  We shared a strongly brewed, highly aromatic cup of Earl Grey tea and had a short visit while the rain continued to teem outside. When it cleared at last I decided to get back home before the next round of water poured from the sky!

I realized how hungry I was for dinner about this time so I stopped at a restaurant on the way out of town.  Boston Pizza doesn't have  a lot on the menu that I enjoy or can safely eat, but I LOVE their Santa Fe salad. I splurged on the addition of some chicken and it was a delicious meal.  I ended up giving the tip to the hostess instead of the waitress because she was the one who was friendly, kept an eye on how I was doing and brought me my bill. The waitress asked me if I was alone, blanched visibly when I said I was, likely because she knew the tip she would have received had I been in a group of 4 that my booth was set up for would have been quite a bit larger, took my order and I literally had no more contact with her.  I saw her here and there and everywhere around the restaurant, but she didn't come near me again.  Someone else tossed my salad in front of me and I wasn't approached by anyone again until the hostess saw me sitting with my coat on and my wallet in my hand.  She asked me if I was waiting for my bill and when I said yes she went immediately and got it.  I should have waved her down for the refill on my soda I had been hoping for. The last few mouthfuls of my salad would have benefitted from a bit more liquid ingestion!  haha  Anyway, I felt much better and the next rainstorm had passed by.

The drive home was pleasant, far less traffic heading into Regina than out of it, so there were lots of spaces to slow down in order to avoid hydro planing without fear someone else would go whipping past, angry at me for driving too slowly on a main highway.  I quite enjoyed the drive home. The setting sun was behind me, shrouded in dark cloud, so I could see properly instead of having to duck my head or push my rear view mirror up to avoid being blinded by the light. There was no stress to get home before sunset because of the time of year.  My husband was on his way, there was no lingering job stress to go home to....just lovely.

Well, it is time to get showered and head off to church.  I love having church at 9:30am.  Even with staying for coffee after the service, the whole day stretches out ahead of me to be filled with other good things.  Today I have been invited to join the members of the executive committee for the choir I was in last fall to join them at the home of the new director and participate in choosing music for the next term.  Hopefully that does not mean I have been voted onto the committee behind my back, haha.  I know they are desperate for more folk to join this year but they don't have to coerce me into a "position" in order to entice me to return.  The Lord has given me plenty of indication that he wants me back there, so I will go, I will go!

The sun is out at the moment, 6am, the streets are beginning to dry off again after all the much needed moisture.  We are to get more rain over the next couple of days, so will enjoy the sun while it is here. There is NO wind at all. Makes me want to go outside and enjoy the calmness of the atmosphere...perhaps I will drag a chair outside on the back deck to eat my breakfast...all the spiders can share it with me!  Or I will just sit in the dining room and enjoy the new seat cushions I found on sale at London Drugs yesterday.  The ones I really wanted, well of course there were only 3 of them when I need 4; second choice, only 2 cushions left, but the 3rd choice of colour and style had exactly the 4 I require.  Four sale cushions are vastly less expensive than purchasing new chairs!!  I want to wait another year before spending any more money on furniture, but those poor chairs are suffering from the flattening of the padding under the upholstery and are not all that comfortable any more. They still look great as we are easy on furniture...only our butts tell us otherwise if we sit too long after dinner. haha

Have a fabulous Sunday!

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