Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why I So Enjoy Blogging!

As a person with OCD I love this little blog.  I can get my rantings and ravings about the unfair events of the universe out on this page, have the ability to "see" my feelings and then get some measure of control of them.  Rather than phoning half a dozen people and reiterating my shock at all things unfair, particularly as they pertain to me, haha, I can write it all down here and others can read my rantings or not as they choose. Once it is written down and I have read the post, I can forget about how upset I was feeling when I wrote the thing and get on with life.  My feelings have been expressed somewhere, somehow, to someone(s) and so I feel I have been "heard". That is all it takes to get me back on track. Yay little blog!

It is also a great place to record happy memories of my days. Today for example, between banking and laundry, I was able to slip over to my husband's office to have a drink of sparkling saskatoon juice with the former diocesan financial officer who is visiting from her new home in Ontario.  It was fantastic to reconnect with her and her husband.  What a crazy and compassionate pair!

This blog also gives me a chance to brag up my own husband and all the knowledge he has about so many things.  Tonight his trades skills saved me from probably burning down the building as the dryer hose was so plugged with lint that hadn't been cleaned out of there for years apparently, the dryer was starting to smell hot this evening on the last load of clothes.  It scared me, so I called my husband to see what the problem was.  No wonder there was a problem brewing. The entire hose from the back end of the dryer to the ventilation hole leading outside was plugged solid with lint. My husband figures there had to be 5 years' worth in there.  He was shocked it had not been cleaned out before we moved in....why, I don't know when I think of all the other things that should have been done but weren't! haha

The hose was so plugged from one end to the other it wasn't worth attempting to clean it out.  We pitched it into a huge garbage bag and my husband connected an aluminum hose of those things he keeps around from old job sites, things that I am constantly after him to throw out and that he insists on hanging on to.  Tonight I am glad he kept this hose.  It was exactly the right length to reach from the back of the dryer to the outside vent, just a perfect fit.  Those hoses split easily so he put a fair amount of duct tape at each end of the installation to try to make it last for awhile.

I finished drying the final load of clothes after he installed the new hose and it dried in just over half the time I was expecting it to...what a huge difference.  The motor is not under load now, the lint has somewhere to go again...thank you Lord for my helpful husband!!

A good day...some helpful ranting and raving about unfair disappointments, some fun times, some good work accomplished, memories made, even a bit of colouring accomplished, haha.  Yes, I bought another book with better quality paper and more variety in the mandala patterns.  It is incredibly relaxing to colour in between chores.  I was operating on 3 hours and 11 minutes sleep from last night, so I am very proud I got anything at all done today.

So, off to bed to try for a better sleep tonight. Now that the ghastly caesar salad from last night is finally out of my system, I am ready for some serious dozing time.


chris e. said...

You know there are community colouring book events? I just read about one, a day in the park kind of event.
Be the first on your block!

Susan said...

Let's make a deal: if you ever hear of me becoming involved in any such event, just fly out here at my own expense and smarten me up, okay? hahaha

chris e. said...

Sure, will do. Are you springing for Business Class?