Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Few Small Perks

I am enjoying the fruits of my husband's labours at General Synod.  The gift pack was particularly nice this year in terms of the sheer amount of each of the useable items it contained.

We each have sufficient sticky note pads and telephone note pads and pens to last us for the next year, the lovely water bottle that can be attached to bicycles and belts will get a real workout, the key chains with the stuffed bears are not particularly practical, but are a good reminder of our year in Japan when everyone was wearing them pinned to their suit lapels for some reason we could never fathom and the lapel pins are good advertising for the Anglican womens' groups and other groups that every diocese supports.  So, if there wasn't a ton of variety, there was a great haul of each of the specific items.  haha  

SOMETHING good had to come out of that disastrous synod! hahaha

PS: a big thank you to those of you who sent me emails after reading the posting about the family heritage lie.  
THANK you for not bashing my dad!!  I really appreciate it.  Forgiveness can be difficult enough in such cases without being encouraged to retain anger. Thank you for understanding that forgiveness is the only way to go, especially for Christians.  I was encouraged and edified by your understanding of that.  Bless you all!
I will enable the comments section again now that you have contacted me via emails and I don't have to worry about bad things being said at the end of that post. 

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