Monday, July 11, 2016

A Most Fulfilling Weekend

What a wonderful weekend for me!  I had pretty much decided I would not risk cat allergies by staying overnight at my friends' house and didn't actually decide for certain to try to stay after all until long after dinner Saturday evening.

I had a sunny drive to Moose Jaw in the late morning and met a friend for lunch.  We had a great visit, agreeing to meet again for dinner after an afternoon of going our separate ways to accomplish our own errands.

What a happy afternoon I had.  My plan had been to go to Parsons-Dietrich pottery to see if they had any more bread and butter plates to go with the ones I purchased recently at the Provincial Museum gift shop.  I assumed that by going to the potters themselves I could at least order some more from them if they didn't have any on hand.  My luncheon friend suggested that if they didn't have any in stock I could always go to Yvette Moore Gallery gift shop, as she has lots of pottery on display at the moment.  How grateful I am to my friend!!!  After checking the opening days and hours online and by telephone I arrived at Parsons-Dietrich to a hand printed sign on the front door of their shop announcing that the shop is closed for several days and "...sorry for the inconvenience.".  I was rather upset.  If I had not had other committments in Moose Jaw that day I would have had a nearly 2 hour round trip drive for nothing at all.

So, back into town to Yvette Moore Gallery.  Wow, has she ever gone in for stocking her gift shop with the works of many an area potter!  All the little food and cha-chi gifts she used to carry are gone and in their place is enough amazing pottery to satisfy (or confuse) anyone seeking beautiful dishes and ornaments.

It took some looking and decision making, but I did find more bread and butter plates created by both Parsons-Dietrich and Ken Guenter.  Eureka!!!  AND they were all most reasonably priced.  I purchased 5 new plates, all beautifully coloured and so interesting to look at.  Those 5, the 2 from the museum visit and 1 that my husband's sister gave me several months ago add up to the 8 plates I was wanting to aquire.  Yay!!  I packed up the teensy weensy bread and butter plates we have been using from my grandmother's old set, tossed out the ones with cracked glaze and chips in the china and put the rest into the next box of thrift store items. For now I will keep her dinner plates but I hope to replace those as well in the new year with more pottery plates.  One joy of living in Japan a few years ago is that it taught me how much I actually detest the American concept of perfectly matched sets of dishes.  I prefer the colour of having each bowl and plate in a different pattern and colour scheme.  Done properly, a table set that way is a true feast for the eyes.

So my shopping trip was successful.  

After that I had a couple of hours to waste before going to the house of the friends who invited me for overnight. I spent most of the time driving to retail stores that are no longer in operation, haha, but it did pass the time!  My friends and I sat and chatted before I had to leave for my dinner engagement.  After another wonderful visit with my lunch time friend, we again went our separate ways and I drove back up to the overnighters to tell them  I  thought it would be wiser to leave and just go home instead of risking asthma.

However they had some very fun company who invited me to join in on the visit.  My friend had several new wines he is representing and asked me to participate in the testing of their taste....slurp....oooooh, that was a wonderful treat.  The time started flying by but I was having so much fun I was loathe to leave.  Eventually it got too late to think about driving home, so I moved my suitcase out of the car and upstairs to my little room under the A-frame ceiling.  (so grateful I managed not to bump my head in there)  

I had a wonderful sleep, no asthma thanks to my friends keeping the cat out of the room along, with a good dose of Claritin, and woke up very refreshed.  My hosts and I attended church together.  St. Aidan's congregation is really flourishing under their present priest.  What a happy spirit abounds in that place.  After the service there were friends all around catching me up on their latest news and listening to mine.  One of them came out for lunch with me and again it was an excellent visit before I drove home again in the early afternoon.

My parents made one of their rare phone calls shortly after I got unpacked again and it sounds like they are making the most of their Stampede committments within their complex.  Pancake breakfasts and special lunches are highlighting their days.  Dad is dragging himself off to as many of the events as he can manage but I know the short walk to the elevator and into the dining room, eating a meal and returning to his suite is becoming almost more than he has the energy for.  A friend picked him up this morning and took him to the Moravian church for a special concert that dad so enjoyed because it was full of life and fun.  It was only 1 hour long and he managed to get through it very happily before coming back home to bed.  Mom was very tired herself this morning, got all dressed to go along to the concert and then realized it would be wiser to stay home. Hmmm...don't know what that is all about and she wasn't about to tell me any more details, so I hope she is okay.

I puttered away the rest of the day around here.  After dinner tonight I realized I haven't had a decent walk for a couple of days so did a half hour of quick marching on the spot with some music playing and then stood at the sink washing up my new plates and my dinner dishes.

So in the morning it will be time to rip the downstairs apart for a good cleaning. I am pleased with the appearance of the upstairs that I cleaned on Friday.  Everything will be sparkling and fresh when my husband returns home on Wednesday morning.

I wanted to get him a little "Welcome Home" gift but couldn't find anything particularly exciting while I was in Moose Jaw....until I went into their Superstore and found a giant bottle of his favourite hot sauce. haha He will be so delighted to have it.  I KNOW I scored BIG on this gift!! haha

Well, it is now after midnight and I should get some sleep so I will feel like cleaning right after breakfast.  Apparently the lock out by Canada Post has been temporarily averted, so I will risk dropping a letter into the mail box in the afternoon.

Looking forward to another good week.

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