Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Very Happy Last Day Alone..So Far Anyway!

My day began with the thrilling news that a close friend of mine received medical test results that she does  NOT have breast cancer! Whew! So relieved!

The next good thing was my appointment with the osteoporosis specialist recommended by my G.P. What a blessing! The man did a great deal of his training in Alberta under the direction of my former osteo specialist who retired last year! Wow!! The respect he has for my former specialist and the man's knowledge gave me an extra level of trust in this new fellow. He had the patience to hear my story and took time to get the details. He was on time for all his morning appointments and yet it did not seem like he was rushing any of the patients. He took the time to explain to me how the various osteoporosis bone building drugs are supposed to work and possibilities as to why they have not been working for me. At the end of the appointment he sent off a letter to the provincial medical department requesting I be given permission to have subcutaneous injection treatments that I don't qualify for in Saskatchewan. When I get my letter I will be able to start.

After the appointment I walked across the street and had my lunch at Zam Zam Wraps...yum! The food court was so crowded I was asked by a young woman if she could sit with me. Of course I said yes. What a fun conversation we had! She is Mexican, has lived in Canada with her Pakistani husband for 8 years and is happy to make Canada home. She regaled me with stories of their 3 weddings: their Canadian civil ceremony, the lavish high church Roman Catholic wedding in Mexico to make her family happy and the huge ceremony and feasting of the Muslim wedding they also had to make his family happy. She is a very fun person and meeting her brightened my day!

After lunch I wandered through a department store. One of the clerks was singing one of my favourite praise songs from church so I told her I was enjoying her singing. We had a great chat about the African congregation she is part of. What a nice treat to meet a fellow believer while window shopping.

I enjoyed being out in the pouring rain as I travelled to and from downtown, my only disappointment being that the rain was too heavy to walk all that way. I took the bus.

Well, I see the vote on changing the Anglican marriage canons to include same sex marriage, originally a failed motion as of yesterday's vote, was overturned today after a glitch in the electronic voting procedure was discovered. So, within 24 hours one set of new problems facing Canadian  Anglican clergy and parishes has been replaced by a new set of problems for Canadian Anglican clergy and parishes. Yadda, yadda, yadda.......have no idea how this will effect our diocese and bishop and my husband's ministry, but life and God's love go on.....

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