Sunday, July 31, 2016

Aawright Youse Guys...Remember Those Time Zone Differences, OK?

Friends, family, colleagues:
Just a gentle reminder about phoning us early in the mornings when it is not an emergency.

Since my husband is on 24 call we do not have the luxury of turning off our telephone ringer very often. So, non-emergency calls from even those nearest and dearest to us are not greatly appreciated when they arrive before about 9am on Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays, the days my husband is trying to catch up on his sleep. He has many late evening meetings even on his regular 8am office days.

Here are the time zone differences:
B.C.: you are one hour earlier than us, so not usually a problem other than late at night. (son, take note, please)
Ontario/Quebec: you are two hours later than we are, so try to call after 11am your time.
Maritimes: please wait until noon or later your time.
United Kingdom: please wait until after 4'ses.
Japan: wait until closer to your bedtime.

India, Tanzania and South Sudan: you are exempted from any telephone time requests because we know how difficult it is to get through by telephone at any time at all!

Thanks so much everyone. Our sleep disorders seem to be particularly bad just now, so please know we are not pitching a fit over early morning calls, but do need to ask for your help and patience. 6am through 9am are not chat times for sleepy, groggy us.
Bless you!

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