Saturday, July 23, 2016

And All That Jazz

Where has the past week disappeared to?  I am not aware of accomplishing a lot, but it seems it has been a "feel good" week in many ways.  

Clearance sales have been the mainstay of my entertainment this week.  My best purchases were two for the price of one camisole tops. All spring and summer thus far the prices seemed out of line for cheap polyester under tops with spaghetti straps, but I have been needing a few to wear under other summer tops that are either too see through to be worn on their own, or have deep scoop necks, or are sleeveless but with larger than normal arm holes, all created with the idea of wearing another little top undeneath. FINALLY I will be able to wear them for the rest of the summer.  

My other fun purchase was at Bach and Beyond where there was a large table of clearance CD's.  Talk about rock bottom prices!  As my musical library has become severely depleted of late from clearing out many CD's I don't listen to any more, I decided to pick up a few of the least expensive ones on the table: a compilation of BTO hits...great for creating energy while house cleaning; The Chieftains for when I need inspiration to complete tasks of all kinds; Dvorak's 9th Symphony for when I just want to kick back and listen more intently to relax my mind; the Best of Bread for when I am feeling either sappy or sorry for myself and am needing some time to just be works because even though I have not listened to Bread since my early 20's I still remember every word to every song 40 years later...and I am not ashamed to admit it either!!!  Wow...I must have been feeling sappy and melancholy a lot in my early 20's!! hahaha

Please send up a prayer for my friend Nan who is having a big hip surgery on Monday.  It will be a lengthy recovery time with lots of painful physio and I empathize greatly.  Prayers will help keep her going for that first few weeks after the operation.

I am becoming quite adept at getting up in the wee hours of the morning to shut windows against the lightning and huge rain drops, only to have to get up an hour later and open them up again after the storm ends and the steamy heat fills the house.  Yup, it happened again this morning.  I am also getting better at falling back to sleep after each awakening...a good thing as I have been feeling kind of tired from the interruptions the first few nights this went on.

My parents have reached the stage of life I have dreaded most of all since I realized they were aging more quickly:  the stage where they call and ream me out for not contacting them about this, that and the other thing, when in reality we did talk about those very things in a telephone conversation only a few days previously.  Sigh.....this is a toughie for me.  I am not surprised about Dad because his memory is beginning to fail quite quickly.  Mom, I suspect, has suddenly developed the same problem because of the stress of caring for Dad.  If I remind her of previous conversations she is able to stop and think for a second and then actually remember we did talk recently.  I have to get her alone on the phone to do that, a nearly impossible feat, because Dad is the one who gets upset that he has forgotten. There is no point in attempting to trigger his memory and upsetting him over something that he won't remember no matter how detailed the reminder is.  

I so enjoyed watching "Room" this week.  It is quite well done.  The return of the daughter to her now split up family after 7 years of captivity with a kidnapper seemed fairly realistically scripted to me.  The rejection of her son by her own father because of who her son's father is seemed so very possible and even probable.  Her complete breakdown being faced with the larger world after having to spend 7 years in a confined space and having to keep herself together mentally there for the sake of her son...all the difficulties of transitioning back to her former well done.  The acting is excellent.  It held my attention from start to finish and even drew in my skeptical husband.  He is not big on dramas to start with unless they involved guns and intrigue, but he got right into "Room".

My husband is happily back at work but with a new attitude: he has stopped fretting about the impossibility of ever completing many of the tasks he is charged with.  Over our holidays something seemed to click with him when he was told by his bishop that the task is next to impossible for one person, or even several people, to handle quickly and efficiently, that he needs to start believing it and to start scheduling the rest of his life into his weekly calendar. So far so good!!

There are some fun church types of events coming up this week: tomorrow evening our own congregation is having dinner together at a restaurant.  It is not our favourite restaurant because on their entire menu there are not more than three items in total either of us can eat, but we are looking forward to the fellowship we always have with these people. They are a lot of fun to spend time with.  O how we will miss them when we are no longer part of them later this fall.

Monday morning we are putting together a brunch for a young newlywed couple we know and love dearly.

Monday evening is a big farewell party for an outgoing priest and his wife.  His congregation is also a lot of fun to be with. My husband has duties there to represent the Bishop who will be absent for another committment.  There will be a meal and a programme and many fun visits.

Tuesday afternoon I get my first injection of the new osteoporosis drug.  O how hard I am praying there will be no allergic reaction this time....I admit to being a bit frightened.  If this doesn't work for me then I am out of options. There is nothing else available that does not contain the bone builder I nearly killed myself with 3 years ago.  Trusting the Lord for this one.....

Our Bishop will be at our church a week from today for a service and brunch together with our congregation.  He is riding his bicycle along the Trans Canada Highway across the middle section of our diocese, from the Alberta border to the Manitoba border, in 10 days.  He starts out today. He is doing this to raise funds for our struggling diocese and has been in training for a year in order to accomplish the goal.  I am praying for better weather where he will be riding today than we have locally, that is for sure!  Along the way he is stopping in to encourage various parishes.  Looking forward to hearing his adventures next Saturday.

The following weekend we are going to the 20th wedding anniversary of some parishioner friends and the next day it is off to Yorkton for another farewell to their outgoing priests.  O how we are going to miss those who have found employment elsewhere in other dioceses at home and abroad.  It seems our diocese is in the middle of some big changes and we are hoping they will be for the better...although why losing these particular folk would be better we have no idea.

Well, it is breakfast time once again.  I'd best quit blithering and go downstairs to the kitchen.  I have a lazy day planned for myself after all the walking I did in yesterday's heat.   

PS Did I mention we watched the Roughriders vs the Red Blacks football game last night?  It was a good game because the score was so close all through the second half of the game.  Somehow, by some miracle, the Roughriders managed to win despite some stellar and rather spectacular fumbling of the ball.  Since it is probably the only game we will watch all season, I thought it was worth a mention.  

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