Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another Doozy of a Storm

Here in Regina we have been incredibly fortunate during our late night storms of the past week.  All around the city people have experienced flooding, high winds causing damage and last night there was hail in the area: everything from pea sized to tennis ball sized to baseball sized chunks of ice.  In the city we had a few horrendously frightening wind gusts, a bit of rain and the display in the sky.

The first part of the storm that I blogged about last night sort of passed us by after about ten minutes, but I guess 3am is going to be the usual time for the worst of the storms.  About that time this morning I was up again closing windows, shutting off fans and peeking out through the blinds to watch the spectacular display of lightning.  I stopped counting the forks of lightning at 100 strikes and don't know how many more occurred after that.  Instead of the lightning forks reaching more or less straight down from the clouds toward the earth they were arc'd like semi circles and crackling so much the light from them wasn't consistent.  It was like looking at an arc, single pixel width, on a PC screen with little dots of black interrupting the colour every so often from dead pixels.  Fascinating!  I have never seen lightning before that looked like that.  

 It is supposed to be very hot again today.  Wonder what kind of storm is going to interrupt our sleep tonight??? I have to admit that even though it has been on the verge of scary every night this week, I find such weather incredibly interesting.

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