Saturday, July 16, 2016


In the past couple of weeks our kitchen has been inundated with fruit flies!  Aiiii yiiiii....the little bugs have been plastering my white painted cupboard doors and white paper towels, zooming in and out of the cupboards, freezing themselves solid in the refrigerator, landing in our meals and in our hair and generally making a huge nuisance of themselves.  Yick!!

We have  been searching for their food source to no avail, attempting also to track down an odd smell in the kitchen that seemed to originally herald the infestation.

FINALLY I located it yesterday morning when I took my husband's lunch kit down from the top of the tea cabinet in preparation for his first day back at the office.  As I brought it down to countertop level the odor hit me afresh.  When I finished unzipping the top of the bag that had been partly unzipped since he last used it about 6 weeks ago and lifted the lid, literally hundreds of fruit flies came out of the bag in a huge black cloud!

Inside the kit was the remains of what was once a least I am pretty sure it used to be a banana....but was now a congealed mass of black and yellow ooze.  Gag, gag, gag!!!  Eeeyukkkkoooo!!!!

No wonder we have been battling fruit flies for so long!

As soon as I got that mess cleaned up and the lunch kit sterilized I got to work on the swarming masses of flies in the kitchen.  I got the vacuum hose going and covered the entire kitchen and dining room area, inside the cupboards, under the cupboards, the windows and blinds...
I took the fresh fruit I purchased the day before out of the display bowl and put it all into sealed bags.

This morning there was a small pile of dead fruit flies beside the kitchen sink and about a half dozen live bugs left that my husband and I were able to destroy.  I expect a few more will appear in the course of the day, but for the most part we have eliminated the problem.

I cannot believe that kit got put away with a banana still inside.  

Well, THAT won't happen ever again!!!!!

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