Friday, July 29, 2016

Feast or Famine!

That is the best description of our social life this past spring and summer. The first couple of weeks after our holidays ended were rather quiet and I wondered if the whole summer would be like that.

I needn't have worried! The whirlwind that began over the past week is continuing. Just before my husband arrived home for dinner last night, after 7:30pm after a long day's drive to an out of the city parish, followed by a dinner hour committee meeting, I was outside with the geese, haha, when our Muslim neighbour came outside to chat. As we were talking my husband drove up and we were immediately issued an invitation by our neighbour to join his family for tea and cake. My husband bolted his dinner down and over we went. What a delightful time. The bad news is that they have purchased a house across the city and will be moving in three week's time. The news is great for them, but sad for us. We exchanged phone numbers though and will try to keep in touch. They are coming over for dinner before they move.

Just before 9pm we excused ourselves and my husband drove quickly over to the house of another friend who texted him while we were at the neighbours'. haha If the fellow was not such a close friend my husband would not have gone, but they are canoeing buddies and there is a trip coming up in less than a month, so...... haha

Tonight is the dinner with the young people from Montreal and now it appears that tomorrow we are going to a BBQ at the home of friends we haven't seen for a long time.

And so it goes......I have gone from the post holiday doldrums to being somewhat over amped. ''Twas ever thus.

Had a great walk downtown yesterday. The slight breeze made the heat tolerable. Most of the mosquitos I met were right around our own complex, yay! All errands accomplished!

The geese were hilarious last night. I heard a rustling of wings and went to the back porch to discover both groups sneaking past the invisible borders established by my husband. If geese can tip toe, that is what these birds were doing. I walked down the stairs, stood in front of the leader geese and put my hands on my hips. The whole group stopped dead in their tippy toe tracks. This time there was no stare down between us, no out waiting each other. It took only a few seconds for  the leaders to turn themselves around and run their flocks full speed in the other direction. hahaha It was hysterical! I didn't so much as walk toward them before they fled like little boys who have just been caught breaking a window with an errant baseball pitch. Unfortunately I didn't get outside in time to prevent having to pick up poop on our section of lawn, but so glad for the experience of facing those geese head on and watching their response. So, I guess the turf wars are on! hahahaha

And today I iron!

Quote for the day:
"The first dandelions touch the heart-strings in much the same way as do the early notes of the robin, their blessed familiarity impressing us like a happy surprise."
--Mrs. William Starr Dana, "According to Season"

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