Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Four Pounds To Go!

It is time for an early bedtime after having 2 mornings this week of getting up before 3:30am and racing around to go places.  

All day I felt like a bump on a log...a stodgy, obese, miserable lump.  

I should have cleaned at least one small room in this suite today. 
I didn't. 

I should have walked the few blocks to the grocery store at the very least to get some exercise and necessary food and drink.
I didn't.

I should have returned to my physio exercises and done a great deal of marching up and down on the spot or climbing the stairs over and over to keep my blood sugar level and my hip in shape.
I didn't.

What I did do was sit on the couch...and a dining room chair....and a living room chair...and my office chair....and my bed.

I watched tv, coloured, read, wrote emails, blogged and talked on the phone all from either a sitting or a prone position.  The only time I was on my feet was to cook lunch and dinner and wash the dishes afterward. At one point I fell asleep fully dressed when sitting on my bed to read. I slept for nearly 2 hours in an upright position.

In reality I can't do these short night sleeps any more. 
I am old and tired.


-my husband and his colleagues had an uneventful and safe flight to Toronto and he had most of today to rest and tour about before the Synod business begins tomorrow morning.

-I am tired enough to fall asleep before 10:30pm.

-I got up the courage to weigh myself a few minutes ago and discovered I have lost a bit more of the regained poundage! If I can eat and exercise my way into losing 4 more pounds I will be back at the weight I achieved last summer just before I fell and broke my hip.  NOW I am encouraged to continue to try.

-tomorrow is a shopping morning at places too far away to walk to and return from on the same day, haha, and it is mostly FUN stuff like new shower curtains and house decorating type things.

Off to have a hopefully GOOD night's sleep. It rained awhile ago and cooled the temperatures down.  I can switch on my fan, open my window and relax for the rest of the night.  Here's to a good day tomorrow, a day when I am encouraged by the weigh scale to keep up my present regime!

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