Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Goosey, Goosey, Gander!

My husband has been a true source of entertainment for all our neighbours the past few evenings as he has been training the two groups of geese who arrived at our complex on Monday evening. He has spent about an hour each evening setting boundaries on both sides of our back deck by approaching them at his designated boundary line while flapping a bright red blanket in their direction as they approach that invisible line. He looks like a giant red bird.

Geese are not stupid. Each evening the lead, guardian goose of each grouping of sixteen geese stands for up to half an hour staring at my husband, trying to out wait him. My husband is patient. He just stands and stares back from a few feet away, red "wings" at his sides. He doesn't rush at any of the geese and never charges toward the leader. At some point the staring goose lifts one foot and tentatively moves it forward. My husband raises his blanket wings and gives them a small flap. The goose then completes a full step forward and my husband quickly steps forward, red blanket fully extended across his arms. Each night the goose has taken off running in the other direction, squawking and gathering up the other geese. Once they are all gathered around lead goose they head off together across the parking lot to graze on the other side of the complex. When they return to our side again later on, they cut a wide swath around behind our car, avoiding our part of the lawn completely. Tonight both groups were dispatched in less than fifteen minutes. Early this morning when the two groups arrived for their morning feed of clover they came up to the edge of the invisible border, but none of them crossed it onto our section of the lawn. My husband will be ready for them again tomorrow evening.

Geese are fairly bright about territories. My husband is staking out his. As he says, you don't have to hurt them, or even frighten them, you just have to make them consistently uncomfortable in a particular area. The owls effectively kept both groups away over the past weekend, but they figured it out quickly. Drat!

In the meantime I am cringing at what the neighbours are probably thinking, but it is worth not having to step in the goose poop that is plastered all over the bottom of their shoes and driving them crazy! hohoho!

Crazy old people.....haha.....

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