Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hitting the Ground Running Once Again

Technically this is the  final day of my husband's summer holidays, but since he is leaving with the other local General Synod delgates for Toronto in the morning, he went into the office today to get caught up on last minute details for Synod and to check his work email to see if he has any huge issues he has to deal with here before he leaves.

It is just as well that he is gone. One of the other delegates found out he has nowhere to stay overnight tonight once he arrives in town after his 4 hour drive here.  So, I am racing around doing at least some surface cleaning of this filthy suite so he can stay here tonight without catching some horrible dirt related disease!!!!  I have his room and the bathroom, upstairs hallway and stairwell completed, so will take a short blogging break before heading into the living room, dining room and kitchen.

This morning I once again reported the presence of gophers in the front yard and mice in our attic to the management here.  I talked to one of the maintenance workers who claims they have never received the requests from the website,  requests I sent in over a month ago, so I talked to a live person in the office this morning and hopefully that will help.  The last thing I need to be worrying about while my husband is gone is mice or rats or gophers breaking through the upstairs ceiling and landing in our suite.  Welcome home to us!! Sigh.....

We had a good drive home yesterday.  We prayed before going to bed about what time we should wake up and basically just left it to God to alert us when it was time to leave so we wouldn't have to set an alarm and then spend the entire night half awake, waiting for it to ring!  

Both of us awakened at 2:30am and as hard as we tried, neither of us could go back to sleep. By 3:30am we were on the road home, arriving back here at 11:30am.  It was a great trip with so little traffic on the road so early in the morning.  Wonderful to so completely miss the Calgary morning rush hour this time.

We stopped for second breakfast at 8:30am in Swift Current at a little dinner called "Uncle Bob's".  hahaha What a place!  We picked it because it was closest to the highway and are so glad we did.  The actual Uncle Bob is a huge Mennonite man, friendly as anything and assisted by his cook and baker, Mrs. Funk.  No surprise that Tuesday evenings they hold a Mennonite Night with perogies and other goodies specially on the menu.  

While we awaited our meal we had many laughs over the "decor" of the restaurant.  We were seated beside a rickety old table where Uncle Bob sits to use his personal computer, drink his coffee and swat at invading flies with his well used fly swatter.  On the walls around us were a plethora of Canada Day decorations, crookedly hung and badly painted mountain and rural Saskatchewan scenes, aboriginal dream catchers, streamers, flags and a collection of wooden and ceramic elephants.  It was hilarious and certainly occupied well the short wait time for our tasty, greasy, tasty, salty, tasty, carb filled, tasty (and did I say greasy and tasty??) breakfast foods.  Huge over/easy eggs decorated ciabatta buns that were stuffed with gooey gobs of high fat cheddar cheese.  There were long strips of thick cut bacon cooked to perfection, cubed and shredded hashbrowns cooked with fresh chives and buttery whole wheat Texas toast.  We took one look at our platters, shelved the low carb, low salt, fat reduced diets and dug in to our hearts' content.  It was old fashioned, lip smacking good!!!

Since we were home so early we had plenty of time to unpack and do a couple of loads of laundry.  Not long after we arrived we got the call about our friend needing a place to stay tonight, so I also did a late night ironing so that I would be free to do some cleaning up for our friend's arrival today.  We watched some boxing (natch!) and other tv shows in the evening and got to bed relatively early, but our sleep was interrupted by the gnawing on wood going on in the attic.  I do hope that animal can be ousted very soon!

Our last day of visiting friends just outside the city before we came home was kind of interesting.  We ate a marvellous home made Moroccan soup for lunch together, visited, napped, read books and waited for some other invitees to arrive for a BBQ roast beef dinner.  One of the guests is an aquaintance of ours we had not seen or communicated with for several decades.  He arrived with his teenaged children but minus his wife.  Apparently his wife was feigning illness because she didn't want to meet us. When we knew the fellow he was married to someone else, it didn't work out and he had a long period of darkness in his life.  Now he has this beautiful family and has turned his life completely around.  It is a true miracle of transformation and we thank God for it.  We can appreciate why his wife would not come to dinner. She had no idea of knowing if we would bring up the subject of his first wife or conversation about what his life was like prior to meeting his second wife.  The poor woman was probably freaked right out when she found out who would be at the dinner.  Our mutual friends do not know the story and are grown up enough not to want to know the story.  Of course we said nothing about "the old days" because they are long over and we hope he will be able to report that to his wife and we can meet her next time.  Talk about a potentially awkward situation, eh?  The first few seconds of talking together were somewhat strained, but when he realized we had no interest in reliving the past he relaxed, so we relaxed and our friends, who didn't understand the lack of "thrill" when he and we saw each other again, relaxed and we had a wonderful evening together.  I am so glad that God made that arrangement.  Life flows along and old days are water under the bridge.  My husband and I were certainly not at our Christian best either when we were friends with this man in previous times.  Wow, life can take some interesting turns and the world can be very small...people you think you will never see again and then, bloop, there they are!  So thrilled he is doing so well and has a lovely family.  We were smiling broadly when we left to return to Calgary that evening.

So here we are back home running around again like idiots.  My husband ended up with a work related lunch date today despite his return to the office supposed to be so clandestine, hahaha. Yeah....right.....hahaha.

Well, back to the house cleaning. I want to get finished before lunch so I can walk up to the bank this afternoon and do some other errands. After 6 days of doing little but sitting and visiting I am starved for exercise and feeling stodgy today.  Nice to be home, but I need to get a move on. Have a fantastic day everybody!  

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