Sunday, July 24, 2016

I Just Have To Thank God For Her Help With Our Finances....As Always!

Oh, but before I do that, just want to say that Nan will not be having her hip replacement surgery tomorrow after all. She has come down rather suddenly with a terrible respiratory infection and had to cancel the operation for now.  Please pray she can be rescheduled very much sooner than later so that her job will not be adversely effected by this change of plan. Thank you SO much!

I don't know why things go this way so often, but this month the last week before pay day has had some very unexpected expenses crop up.  The way God has taken care of them has been is needed by us constantly it seems!

The first thing that happened was receiving a phone call from a friend here in town I literally have not seen or talked to for months...almost a year in fact!  I mentioned to her that I was ordering my new osteoporosis injection medication and asking her to pray that this new med will work for me.  Until I talked to her I wasn't even thinking about costs involved.  She is aware of this injection as she herself has had it and she informed me that it costs well over four hundred dollars per injection.  Gasp!!!  It hit me that since my husband's health insurance company would not yet have the exception drug status letter of permission when I went to the pharmacy to pick up the meds for my first shot, I would have to pay the full cost up front and then be reimbursed by the insurance company in a few weeks' time.  So thankful my friend contacted me the very day I had to order the prescription and prepare me for the amount of money I would need to come up with.  As it happened I was able to put it on the credit card and the reimbursement should arrive before the credit card bill. Whew!!!  I am so thankful these injections are only every six months and not monthly or weekly.  I can't imagine how embarrassing it would have been to go to pick up the meds and be hit with that bill. I know I would have been flustered and not understood that I could use my credit card to pay for it, would have freaked out completely when it got through my thick skull that the cost is only for one injection and generally would have made a total fool of myself because that is what I do when I am in shock!  I would have started to cry and walked out of the store without the prescription until my mind kicked back into gear and I remembered that I had a credit card in my wallet. Thank you Lord for that preparation time before I had to purchase the meds!

The other thing that happened was on a much smaller scale, but equally cool.  Tomorrow evening we have to pay a fairly hefty ticket price for a farewell dinner for one of our priests who is moving out of Canada after many fruitful years in our diocese.  Oooh, Lord, why couldn't it be NEXT Monday, after pay day??  I had the money in my wallet, but with my husband inviting a young newlywed couple over to our home for brunch tomorrow morning that money would be needed for groceries.  Hmmmm.....  So we prayed again about the best way to do both things.  After church this morning the treasurer of our congregation handed me an envelope.  Inside was a cheque in the same amount as the tickets we need to purchase tomorrow evening at the farewell.  It is payment for a church service I played piano for almost 2 months ago. I hadn't realized  I would be paid to do it.  

It seems God takes care of us the same way during times of steady employment as he does during times of unemployment.  It helps us not to be afraid of retirement and our nearly non-existent pension amounts we will have to survive on.  God is still God and he takes care of us no matter what our own circumstances are.  We just have to keep trusting him and not let ourselves succumb to worry.  

Thank you Lord for your nurturing self.  You care for us like a mother cares for a newborn child.  You care for us even though we are not always wise in our expenditures, do not deserve your mercy because we sometimes blow our budget big time no matter how hard we try to do things properly.  One of the biggest spiritual lessons of our lives has been learning how you take care of our material needs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for not letting us get what we truly deserve!

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