Thursday, July 7, 2016

I love It When Plans Come Together, BUT.....

....until a few moments ago none have!  

I thought it was going to be one very lonely week alone, but, all being well, I now have an invitation from a friend out of town to come to her place Saturday for an overnight.  The cat is not allowed in the guest room but I am getting tanked up on Claritin "just in case".  I need to at least try this.  If it doesn't work out I can be home in 40 minutes if the asthma starts, but I pray it won't!! Until this happened the loneliness was starting to look like the same brand as the last place we lived and I was becoming a tad freaked out by it. This way, if all goes well, I can visit other friends at church there the next morning.

Please God let it work out.........

Had a quick text from my husband this evening between sessions at Synod.  This morning before the meetings began he and some others went for a long walk in the +30C humidity.  Glad he is in such good shape. He actually quite enjoyed it.

This morning I forked out bigger bucks than usual for a decent shower curtain and liner.  O my, I should have gone ahead and done that years ago.  Shower curtains are the type of purchase where cheap is never good.  I have been so fed up constantly replacing torn curtains or curtains that stain easily from soap suds and are impossible to clean properly.  Never again......

Also went grocery shopping and filled the fridge and freezer.  After I got home I looked at my PC points and realized my next, smaller load toward the end of the month should be nearly "free".  This week's point plan allowed me to purchase enough sparkling water and other diabetic friendly drinks to last me for most of the rest of the summer.  Aaaah....yum!

I resisted the temptation to take myself out for lunch today after shopping.  We ate out a lot this month because of being on holidays and it is time to reduce the sodium and fat levels again.  I didn't bother in Vancouver OR Calgary to stick to my house salad with vinegar or half a broiled chicken burger restaurant meals.  I watched the carbs but didn't count my calories a lot.  AND STILL I LOST 5 POUNDS, YAYAYAYAY! I love cooking for myself so eating at home while my husband is away is not going to be a problem. As long as I continue to go for long walks and utilize other forms of exercise I will be okay.  Today was a good walk around stores, through parking lots and up and down mall concourses.

Tomorrow I will start some more house cleaning projects and hopefully chat with a friend from Ontario if she gets a chance to call me.  We were friends in AB before each going our separate ways around Canada.  She is a good person and friend.

I think I will go and initiate the new shower curtains and get myself cleaned up before bed.  It has been a warm day and it certainly is not cooling down yet for the night so the fan will be running all night I am sure. For all of the complaining about a high mosquito count in our city this year I have seen very few and suffered only one bite so far....unheard of for me!

Tomorrow night I will start recording the annual chuckwagon races and rodeo events from the Calgary Stampede.  Rodeo, chucks, boxing....hahaha....I am soooo wierd when it comes to sports preferences!! At least that is what I am told....

Happy July!


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